Turn Your Content into More Content – 20 content ideas

Here’s how to turn your existing content into even more content (skip to the bottom for the content ideas)

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Every business owner and marketing manager knows that you need to have much content on your site. And HubSpot recommends that if you want to maximise your organic traffic (people that find your website naturally by Google searching what they are after) should publish between three and five posts per week!

With the right amount of content, people will be able to find what they are looking for while browsing through your site, helping them with their decision to purchase from you (and also making it easier for Google and other search engines to find what they’re looking for).

However, there’s one drawback: time. As a business owner or marketer, you may not always have time to create new content, especially if you’ve already got plenty of orders/customers/projects going at the same time. Luckily, there’s an easy solution: turning existing content into more content.

What do I mean by “turning existing content into more content?”

This means taking the existing text, blog articles, information or visual media on your site and changing it around to create something new. For example, if you’ve already got a sales page for one of your products, why not turn that page into a blog post? You could also take some of those paragraphs and change them together to create an ebook download, an effective lead magnet. 

What benefits do I get from turning my content into more content?

By turning existing content into more content, you will:

  • Increase the number of pages on your site; thus improving Google’s search results for any keywords related to your business (and increasing the number of people who find you online)
  • Increase your number of backlinks, which helps with SEO and builds domain authority and online credibility.
  • Gain a better understanding of how you can improve your current website content to make it more appealing to potential customers/clients, thus allowing you to increase conversions and boost your bottom line.
  • Get more email subscribers and leads by turning existing content into lead magnets.
  • Saves you time on having to research from scratch and guessing which content will be more popular with your target audience.

What kind of content could I turn into more content?

Anything! Seriously— there’s no limit on the type of content that you can turn into more content. The only limiting factor is your creativity and time. You could take existing blog posts written a while ago and add some new paragraphs for publishing on social media sites such as Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest or even create an ebook out of several blog posts. This is a great way to use the content you already have with little work, and it’s also a great way to build links from other sites back to your own. Read below for more ideas.

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How can I turn my existing website content into more content?

With these steps:

1) Start by copying and pasting the text from your site into a document on your computer. Make sure that this document has enough room between paragraphs for adding some new ones; usually, 2-3 spaces work well. You may even want to make a few headings or bullet points if you think they will help when creating the new content.

2) Determine what type of “more content” you would like to create. Do not forget your end content goals and content writing strategy (to get more new customers, help inform current customers, relieve staff time, etc.)

3) After figuring out what type of more content you’d like to create, start adding new content around your old text. Add in some headings (either bullet points or whole paragraphs), indent some paragraphs, whatever works best for your latest creation. You may also want to move things around so that the most important sentences are at the beginning of each section; this is especially true if you plan on creating something like an ebook where some parts will be read before others.

4) Do a thorough audit of any existing content and determine what works well, what is getting reads, where your readership is hailing from and whether the content converts to contact or sales. You can find all this out with the help of Google Analytics.

5) Do a survey, questionnaire or have a conversation with your current and potential clients or customers to find out what their questions, pain points and needs are so that you can expand your content to address these areas.

Can’t think of what type of new content you can create? Here are a bunch of ideas. 

20 ways you can repurpose and create more content:

  1. Gather up your content articles, expand them, and include more facts, statistics, and case studies to create an ebook
  2. Repurpose your content into social media posts. Take select paragraphs and paste them directly into social media updates or turn them into graphics.
  3. Take the most important facts, quotes and statistics from your articles and create an infographic with them.
  4. Turn your blog posts into SlideShare presentations.
  5. Gather pull quotes from your content articles and design them into quote graphics in Canva or PicMonkey and use them in your social media marketing.
  6. Take any existing video content and transcribe and edit it into a brilliant content article or blog post. Or vice versa! YouTube videos, when embedded into your website, can help with SEO.
  7. Turn your existing content articles into a video series. Or an online course. You can either turn it into a full-scale course that you can charge for or mini-courses that will help collect leads for your email marketing lists. 
  8. Create a new content hub with the best of these pieces, and use it as a reference point for all future readers who want to know more about this topic.
  9. Turn your existing blog posts into podcast episodes or vice versa. 
  10. Go back to the last grant or project application you wrote. Where can you take out some paragraphs and use them for social media marketing? Or add to your website?
  11. Copy some of the text you have written on your Home, About and Services/Products page and reuse it as LinkedIn updates
  12. Find an older post that was not very successful on your website (didn’t get as many shares or views as you had hoped) but had some good statistics or interesting facts. Rework into a new piece of content that is posted on another site, e.g., Medium 
  13. Take any current blog posts, turn them into tweetable quotes, and schedule with a social media scheduling app. 
  14. Write some quotes from your content articles onto index cards for easy reference when you have a speech or presentation planned.
  15. Turn one of your content articles into an infographic using Canva.
  16. Have staff induction videos? They make great blog posts when you rewrite them to speak to your external audience (as opposed to staff).
  17. Write a listicle of your most read five or ten posts.
  18. Create an email marketing welcome sequence by dividing up some of your cornerstone content articles (the articles that address the core questions of what your business does).
  19. Have an outdated media release? Turn it into a sparkling content article!
  20. Choose one of your larger blog posts and work out two or three key points from the post. Use each of those points to form the basis of a new blog post. And get writing!
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Record your next presentation and turn it into a blog post!

Remember, quality is better than quantity so take the time to curate only the highest quality content written that will genuinely help your audience. If you don’t have enough high-quality content, then focus on creating it first before repurposing other material. 

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