Unique sponsorship opportunity

Want to showcase your brand more? With credibility and authority? Ready to reach a new audience? I am offering a unique opportunity for corporate brands and businesses exclusive sponsorship with my blog. 

This is a low cost, low time and energy investment way of connecting with a new and engaged group of people that want to learn more about your brand.

If you’re sick of putting in a heap of effort and time into your content marketing for little results, it’s time to do something new! 

Ideal for:

  • corporate brands
  • software
  • marketing tools and platforms
  • business services
  • retail and ecommerce stores
  • professional services (accountants, lawyers, IP professionals)
  • luxury items
  • educational institutions, MBA providers etc
  • small business support
  • and many more!

Sponsorship with Jones the Writer is your next step to get the website traffic and new clients or customers that you actually want.

Sponsorship benefits:

Take a look at my bulging client list and you will see the type of brands and organisations that view my website. Imagine the possibilities of positioning your brand and advertising in front of this calibre of clients.

The people that read my blog (which has a juicy DA) and view my website are a highly engaged group. They are not skimmers, they are marketing geniuses and business owners and leaders. 

sponsored post

My readers take action and are interested. They are savvy consumers that keep on top of trends and new ways of doing things.

Your sponsorship investment gets you:

  • professionally written blog post – highly search engine optimised 
  • share amongst my social media following several times during sponsorship (3 months)
  • shared with my email database 
  • logo placement in footer of my email marketing template for every email in sponsorship duration (3 months)
  • 2x 100 word bio (accompanied by a relevant image) about your brand in email marketing
  • in links in two existing articles/blog post

This package is limited to two brands at any one time. Giving you extra peace of mind that your message will stand out. 

B2B marketers that use blogs get 67% more leads than those that do not.

For a full media kit and expressions of interest, please email me directly. Please provide the name of your brand and website when expressing interest. 

Sponsored post cost

$500 AUD (plus GST). Paid upfront.

Guest posting opportunity

Do you want to me to host your guest post on my blog and share to my networks? I encourage industry-related topics from brands and businesses across the world. Simply supply your well-written content for a nominal fee and I will post on my blog and it will remain live for at least two years (unless the blog shuts down sooner, which I hope it doesn’t). Plus, I will share amongst my social media networks throughout the year.

You can choose which SEO keywords you would like to be linked back to your website/web page.

I prefer content articles that are:

  • relevant to my audience (marketers, writers, business owners, authors)
  • from brands that aren’t direct competitors
  • at least 600 words (but the longer the better)
  • are written in UK/Australian English
  • images supplied (it’s okay if you don’t have any though)
  • come with a catchy title
  • and they have to be well-written. Bad AI generated copy will not suffice, sorry!

Guest posting cost

$65 AUD (plus GST). Paid upfront.


Want a super quick and easy way to get more traffic to your website? Simply insert a link back to your chosen webpage or website in one of my blog posts, with your choosing of SEO keyword.

Backlinking cost

$45 (plus GST) per link. $100 (plus GST) for three links.