Become the best writer you've ever been in one week

Are you tired of battling writer’s block, procrastination, and self-doubt? Do you dream of becoming a more productive, confident, and prolific writer?

What if I told you that your mindset is the biggest thing holding you back? And it’s with you 24 hours a day.

Mindsets can impact your outcomes by determining the way you think, feel and even physiologically respond to some situations.’

I’ve got terrific news, though. Mindsets are changeable!

Join Rewire to Write, the transformative online mini-course that will rewire your mind and elevate your mindset to revolutionise how you write.

This course will teach you the mindset I used to write and publish TEN BOOKS, and write multiple books between just TWO DAYS and FOUR WEEKS! Yes, it’s entirely possible. Without burning yourself out.

writing course mindset

What is Rewire to Write?

writing course mindset

Rewire to Write is your key to unleashing the writer you’ve always wanted to be and overcoming the barriers holding you back. Even if you can’t see a hint of that writer yet, I’m positive they’re inside you, waiting to be set free.

‘…neural networks can continue to grow, change and reorganise throughout the lifespan. By challenging yourself with new experiences and perspectives, you can form new neural connections — or mindsets — at any point in life.’

This online writing course, that runs over 7 days, is designed to rewire your brain using a combination of mindset techniques, mental strategies, and practical activities to help you:

✍️ Write better: Elevate the quality of your writing and tap into your true creative potential. I’m talking potential that you had reserved for other people or never knew was inside of you.

🚀 Write more: Boost your productivity and leave writer’s block in the past. I’ve written a book in two days, one in two weeks and another in four weeks. There’s no reason why you can’t, too. I’ll teach you how.

⏩ Write faster: Learn techniques to speed up your writing process without sacrificing quality. I’m the queen of tips and tricks for this!

🎯 Write complete works: Finally, finish those pieces or projects that have been lingering for too long. There’s no point in having unfinished projects.

What you'll learn:

🧠 Mindset mastery: Discover the power of your mindset and how it influences your writing. Learn to overcome self-doubt, gain confidence, and develop a winning writer’s mindset. Honestly, your mind and trash beliefs are probably the very thing that holds you back from immense success.

🌟 Mental techniques: Explore practical mental strategies to enhance focus, motivation, and creativity. Banish distractions and stay committed to your writing goals.

📝 Practical activities: Engage in hands-on activities and exercises that will ignite your creativity, help you set achievable standards and output, and keep you on track to completing your writing projects.

📚 Application to writing: Apply the principles you learn directly to your writing. Watch as your writing improves, your productivity soars and your projects come to fruition. Even if you are just starting with a germ of an idea.

Why choose Rewire to Write?

📌 Self-paced learning: Study independently, fitting the course around your busy schedule.

💡 Proven techniques: Benefit from techniques and strategies that. You get the best of both worlds with the best blend of light woo-woo and science.

🌐 Accessible anywhere: Access the course from anywhere with an internet connection using your preferred device. Each lesson is quick, albeit thorough and surprisingly informative.

💪 Empowerment: Take control of your writing journey and become the writer you’ve always aspired to be. Stop waiting for someone or something outside of you to affect that change. Be bold, change from the inside out, and watch yourself soar like you’ve never imagined.

Don’t let writer’s block, doubt, or procrastination hold you back any longer.


This is the kind of course you take once, and your mind will be changed for the rest of your life. Don’t underestimate this course’s power and the techniques I will talk you through.


mindset writing course

Enrol today and get the mind of a successful writer!