Copywriting for generation X

Generation X are people who are 38 to 53 years old in 2019. And, as a target demographic, when it comes to copywriting and marketing, they are ripe for the “attacking”.

copywriting for generation x

Generation X in Australia are known as the ‘forgotten generation’ and aren’t as noisy or given as much attention as all the other generations, particularly when it comes to marketing. Which is silly because once you onboard them as customers, they are ridiculously loyal. So marketers and brands are doing themselves a disservice by not creating and marketing products to them. 

They like to research a lot and are keen information sharers amongst their friends, colleagues and family. Which means, they are going to Google the heck out of your brand and compare your product or service to your competitors long before they make a decision. But, like I mentioned above, once they have made a decision, they are highly likely to be brand loyal. 

Although the most brand loyal out of all the generations, they are still constantly seeking value for money and convenience at stores such as Big W, Aldi and Target. 70 per cent of generation X want brands to make their lives simpler and more convenient because many just want more time with the family and more “me time”. They want to create more time so they can spend with family and have an active hands on role in parenting

How generation X live and work

It’s incredibly important to them to spend time with their family. Constant seekers of the elusive work/life balance, they are hard workers and live by the motto ‘work hard, play hard.’ Generation X, are big into planning and considers hard work just part of being human. ‘Gen X was also ranked highest among fellow workers for having the strongest work ethic’ and we can generally find them in middle management in professional fields. 

So, if you are marketing products or services, consider using experiences and family orientated activities to appeal to their leisure preferences as well as rewards for career related achievements and acknowledge how hard they work. 

What they believe

Generation X also believe in being grateful for the opportunities they have in life, that may not have been afforded to generations before them. They believe that higher education is crucial to their success yet they are quieter and humbler about their achievements because would rather fly under the radar.

Generation X values include:

  • honesty
  • transparency
  • trust
  • resourcefulness
  • independence
  • self sufficiency
  • quality time (with self, friends and family).

So it’s crucial you think about these values when you market to them. How can your business show that you are the most trustworthy? How can you allow this demographic to be more self sufficient when accessing your offerings?

Generation X want a brand that:

  • they can be highly loyal to
  • makes their life simpler and more convenient
  • genuinely earns their trust
  • reassures and supports (before after and during their purchasing journey)
  • offers less overt sales techniques (no pushy sales tricks for this generation)
  • are ethical and eco conscious and that do good for the world
  • nurtures their lifestyle (think subscription services for the home).

Furthermore, it’s really important to connect with this generation that you create copywriting that is positioning situations as real world and relatable, rather than highly aspirational (which, say, millennials respond to).

Nielsen reports that both men and women of Generation X are drawn to TV Advertisements that showcase everyday life and real-world situations. Generation X women in particular enjoy sentimental ads that focus on family life. Appeal to Gen Xers by rooting conversations in real-world possibilities.’

Some words that can enhance your copywriting targeting generation X are:

  • trustworthy
  • relaxing
  • family
  • convenient
  • consistency
  • reliable
  • “me time”
  • fuss free
  • resourceful
  • truthful
  • work hard
  • rewarding
  • independence
  • balance
  • no nonsense
  • clean
  • eco friendly

Some of generation X’s favourite brands include:

  • Amazon
  • Netflix
  • Android
  • Hershey

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