Brand Copywriting

brand copywriting

Elevate your brand’s impact.

Brand copywriting empowers your brand with a compelling, consistent message that resonates across all assets. It’s the cornerstone of long-term, widespread success in branding and marketing.

Unleash your brand’s potential now.

Brand story

A brand story is a written narrative about how your business came to life and helps people emotionally connect with you, the business and what you offer. A terrific brand story is a powerful way of building a foundation of trust and establishing a business that people want to align themselves to and which breeds loyalty. Approx 600 to 800 words.

taglines brand copywriting

A choice of three catchy taglines that sum up your business and will richly complement your branding and marketing. If you’re looking for that extra punch to sit side by side with your logo or copywriting, then invest in some taglines today. 

Three options will be provided with some rationale with this powerful copywriting service.

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brand copywriting tone of voice

This is a quintessential part of getting your marketing right, from the get go. This tone of voice document will underpin all your communications and copywriting by declaring the words you use, the tone that you which to convey in alignment with your marketing objectives and goals.

If you are creating a new website or overhauling and existing one, the tone of voice document is essential for getting the voice right from the start. 

The tone of voice document includes:

    • demographic information and research

    • competitor research

    • words to use

    • words not to use

    • suggested tone and style

    • examples of how to use the document and wording

    • my EXCLUSIVE copywriting formula not found anywhere else.