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One of the most important things in getting your SEO content right and running smoothly, is a workable editorial calendar and content plan. 

With an easy to use editorial calendar, you can see exactly which content and topics you will be rolling out throughout the year making SEO blogging an absolute breeze and helping you to become more discoverable on Google.

This is more than just being organised for the year, this is about having a strategic approach to your content, ensuring that it actually works for you as a sales and a customer service tool. Rather than just whacking up blog posts randomly that have no cohesion to your overall business goals. 

It’s also the ultimate in streamlining your processes, so that you will rarely be tempted to stop blogging, which is a key factor in improving SEO marketing, because your groundwork will all be ready for you to build on.

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Benefits of an editorial content plan:

  1. Have a year’s plan to follow
  2. Save time wondering what to blog about
  3. All your content speaks to your keywords and existing content
  4. Planned for optimum website user ability
  5. Easily build the rest of your social media and email marketing around it

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Editorial plan service includes:

  • SEO keyword research
  • content pillars identified
  • category matching
  • 26 article topics
  • 26 suggested titles
  • SEO keyword matching
  • key points that each blog post must cover
  • competitors research

Get organised with your editorial plan now. Email me directly via vanessa@jonesthewriter.com with subject line: Editorial Plan

It would be great if you can supply:

  • information about your target audience
  • overall marketing plan/strategy
  • editorial style guide
  • content objectives
  • business key messages

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The full content plan costs $4999 plus GST. Rates are applicable up until 30 June 2021. Availability varies. Price is for 26 topics only. Please seek a custom quote if you blog more frequently than fortnightly.