Ebook Copywriting

Ebook copywriting

Crafting a top-quality ebook can be a daunting task, particularly if you’re running a busy business or marketing department.

Don’t let the thought of creating an ebook overwhelm you! Instead, consider hiring an ebook copywriter like myself to help you produce a seductive lead magnet that captures email addresses and plumps up your database.

As a seasoned copywriting professional, I am thrilled to offer one of the most effective digital marketing lead magnets— ebooks. I have written more than 10 books of my own, and as an experienced freelance copywriter, I have crafted and copyedited ebooks for multiple clients across a range of industries.

  • briefing meeting
  • topic creation (if required)
  • an indepth interview (at sixty to ninety minutes)
  • epic title
  • chapter outline
  • expert structure and storytelling skills
  • 6,000 word ebook
  • contents page
  • book blurb (approximately 100 words)
  • one round of revisions (if required)
  • professional editing and proofreading

Plus, it will be ghostwritten so there’s no need to attribute to me and you can be listed as the author! Please note: this service doesn’t include graphic design, formatting/design, publishing or uploading to platforms such as Amazon. But I can certainly put you in touch with professionals who offer these services. Longer ebooks are available with an additional fee.

Ebook copywriting rates

Please email: vanessa@jonesthewriter.com

If you’d like to see a recent example of a client ebook, feel free to check out

The New Self Care by Tanya M Wilson


ebook copywriting example

This ebook will be delivered to you as a Word document so you can turn it into a well designed ebook to put on your website, sell on Amazon or other author platforms. This ebook copywriting service is suitable for both fiction and non fiction books. Depending on my client schedule and availability, you could have your ebook within four weeks.