Copywriting FAQ

what is copywriting

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is a professional service of writing for a variety of materials, usually used in marketing and advertising. It’s a centuries old profession that has helped businesses and individuals achieve success, time and time again.

Can you help me with copyright?

Copyright and copywriting are two completely different areas. Copyright is a legal term and it’s best to speak to a lawyer or copyright professional if you need to protect your work.

What do you charge for your copywriting?

This depends on what kind of assets you want written. As an experienced copywriter that regularly books out, I charge a premium (yet still mid weight range) fee for my services and I pride myself on my high quality work.

I encourage you to get in contact to get a no obligation quote but as a ballpark, most small to medium websites will cost you a few thousand dollars for me to write well.

It may seem strange but taglines can cost a lot more than an 800 word content article, which is considerably more words. That’s because taglines are a high value item that provides a lot of ongoing value to your business and are carefully and thoughtfully created. I spend at least one full day researching, creating and comparing to provide you with effective taglines.

I charge by project, rather than by the hour or by the word. This ends up being cost effective for all and ensures I do my best possible work. Plus, you get to know exactly what costs are involved right from the very start.

Why do you take a deposit?

I take a deposit of 50 per cent of your total quote price to secure your place in my client schedule. This also lets me know that you’re serious about getting copywriting done and will be committed to paying your full invoice when it’s due.

I don’t start any work (that means meetings, drafts or notes) without the deposit in my account.

Where are you based?

I’m a copywriter in Adelaide. A fair percentage of my copywriting clients are via word of mouth and reputation, so are naturally South Australian. However, I have also worked with a lot of national clients and am competent and confident in working with people across Australia.

Should we set up a meeting?

I avoid meetings unless absolutely necessary because I just don’t have the time, given the deadlines and client work that I have. If needed, I can always have a quick phone conversation or Skype call with you once the project has been accepted and ready to start if there is information I need to gather. If a meeting is requested, I will invoice you upfront for the time.

Will you provide a free sample?

No, I don’t write for free. I have an extensive copywriting portfolio available online for you to take a look at my work. Additionally, I pride myself on high quality and exceptional copywriting, so you won’t be disappointed.

How long does it take?

I am almost always booked out between two and eight weeks, sometimes longer. I hate turning clients down but if you need something done (well) in two days, I’m not the copywriter for you.

Some months, such as late December and January are typically quieter in my schedule and will often herald quicker turnaround times.

How many changes can we make?

I offer one round of revisions to your copywriting work, however, I rarely have to do revisions for clients.

What kind of copywriting do you do?

I do all sorts! Take a look at my services and offerings. If you’re unsure, I encourage you to send me and email and I’ll let you know if that’s something I’m confident in or will refer you to someone else.

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimisation (optimization in US spelling). That’s the techniques that people use to make you rank higher in Google. I do a fair bit of SEO writing (and love it!).

Do you accept contributions to your blog?

Occasionally, I will publish high quality and well written blog posts and content articles (of more than 800 words) from other digital marketers, bloggers and software and platform companies. It absolutely must be well written, written in Australian English and language and speak to my demographic.

At this stage, I’m not accepting contributions from competitors, which are mainly Australian copywriters.

I will gladly backlink to your chosen link and promote via social media if your DA is 28 or higher.

Why should I choose you over other copywriters?

I value ongoing and long lasting relationships, so if you don’t think my services are for you, there’s no hard feelings. However, I am very experienced (being a copywriter for more than ten years) and also have working marketing knowledge which just powerhouses my work for you. I’m also well equipped with a heap of SEO knowledge and content writing strategy skills.

I also pride myself on my outstanding work that will genuinely help your business.

What are your qualifications?

I have an Advanced Diploma in Professional Writing (TAFE) and I have almost completed BA in Creative Writing and Philosophy. I stopped short of a few units because I became too busy working in marketing.

During my time at SA Writers Centre, I also attended no less than one hundred and fifty workshops and professional development training/opportunities.

I’m also a qualified yoga teacher.

What do you need from me to get the writing done?

Once you’ve approved the quote that I’ve sent you and paid the deposit, if I don’t feel like I have enough information I’ll ask you to fill out my copywriting brief, which just tells me a few more details such as competitors, SEO keywords, tone of voice and so on.

Do you do any training?

I have conducted copywriting and marketing training and workshops in the past but I am too busy with client work to take on any of these opportunities. I can suggest suitable people to meet your needs though, so do get in contact.

Can you build my website?

At this stage, I don’t offer web design services but I can put you in touch with great people who do.