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Jones the Writer Copywriting Services collaborated with an acoustics engineering firm to enhance their online presence and engagement through SEO services. The partnership aimed to address specific challenges related to visibility, client education, and time-sensitive communication.

The client

Resonate Consultants is an Australian firm specialising in acoustic engineering and vibration consulting services. This multi-award-winning company has offices across Australia and services a number of clients across multiple industries including building and construction, Defence, education, environment and marine, renewables, laboratories, transport and infrastructure and the arts.


The primary goals were to:

  • increase visibility
  • improve SEO
  • and provide informative content with a cohesive tone of voice.

With the overarching objective to establish credibility among potential clients, clarify the offered solutions, and educate the audience about the benefits of engaging the services early in a project.


  1. Informing potential clients about the existence of the service and the importance of early engagement.
  2. Providing clarity on the solutions offered and their benefits to clients and their projects.
  3. Addressing time pressures faced by existing clients and highlighting the firm’s well-known ability to deliver quickly and reliably, with exceptional client service.

Strategies implemented

I began working with this client in early 2021, where I devised an in-depth content strategy and audit, tone of voice guide and email marketing strategy.

The marketing implementations included:

  1. Content strategy:
    • Developed a comprehensive content strategy aligned with the client’s objectives.
    • Created nearly 100 pieces of new SEO content articles, to showcase expertise and engage the audience.
  2. Onsite optimisation:
    • Conducted onsite optimisation of existing web pages and blog posts to capitalise on SEO keywords and enhance search visibility.
  3. Email marketing:
    • Implemented targeted email marketing campaigns (and strategy) to directly reach potential clients and convey the firm’s capabilities. This also had the benefit of driving traffic to the website which enhanced SEO efforts.
  4. Tone of voice and editorial calendar:
    • Established a cohesive tone of voice to enhance brand identity.
    • Developed an editorial calendar to ensure consistent and strategic content delivery making sure content attended to necessary content pillars, audience requirements, annual events and plans, and timely news.
  5. Competitor analysis:
    • Conducted a thorough competitor analysis to identify market positioning, areas for improvement, and potential competitive advantages.
  6. Conversion goals:
    • Emphasised converting goals through content, branding and SEO efforts.
  7. Reporting:
    • Additionally, to ensure consistency and transparency, I provided in-depth quarterly SEO reports to this client so they could see for themselves the impressive results and upward trend. This report also supplied a number of ongoing recommendations to even further enhance their SEO and marketing efforts.

Content example


adelaide seo keyword results

The results were impressive for this client, with thanks to their consistency and enthusiasm for the entire team being willing and involved in coming forth with expert knowledge to include in the high-quality content articles.

It also helped that the CEO knew the value of content marketing and SEO and backed the process and my proposals fully.

  1. Visibility and keywords:
    • Visibility increased by 133% in the January to March 2022 quarter.
    • 161 keywords ranked in the top 100 Google search results, with 65 in the top 10 (first page of Google).
  2. Engagement metrics:
    • Total sessions increased by more than 23% during most quarters.
    • Goal completions rose by 11%, including a 12.5% increase in phone calls and a 10% increase in emails during July to Sept 2023 period. This was a typical quarterly increase.
  3. Organic search acquisitions:
    • Organic search acquisitions increased by 66% in the nearest comparable quarter (April to June 2021).
  4. Competitive performance:
    • Outperformed and ranked higher for keywords against competitors, including large international corporations, in most quarters.


31 out of 45 goal conversions during one quarter were directly attributed to organic Google searches.

This meant that their SEO was working tremendously to bring in new clients who happened to search for any of their SEO keywords and click on their site. Once on their site, they demonstrated contact by phoning or emailing for an enquiry. That’s nearly a 70% rate of contact from organic Google searches.

A remarkable 17.78% increase in goal conversions.

Resonate Consultants experienced a notable surge in goal conversions, showcasing an impressive growth rate of 17.78% during the April to June 2023 period. The surge in goal conversions underscores the successful engagement and positive response from their target audience during this timeframe.

Most quarters in the recent past have witnessed a consistent upward trajectory in goal conversions on Resonate Consultants’ website. This sustained pattern underscores the consistency of the approach, reflecting not only a one-time success but an ongoing commitment to meeting and exceeding their performance targets through SEO and content efforts.


seo adelaide client


With my help and services, the client successfully transformed their online presence, achieving substantial increases in visibility, engagement, and competitive performance. The implemented strategies addressed the challenges of client education, time pressures, and the need for a reliable online presence. The collaboration demonstrated the effectiveness of a holistic content approach in achieving tangible business results which will make a difference in the business’ bottom line for years to come.

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