My copyediting services are ideal for those authors and writers who have written a book manuscript and want to get it publication ready. I also edit corporate and commercial publications, such as commemorative publications, annual reports, academic papers and more. Before you submit your novel or book manuscript to a publisher, literary agent or self publish, your work needs to be meticulous and showcase the absolute best of your ability as to not detract from the story. Most publishers won’t even consider your work if it’s not at its best.

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What is copyediting?

Copyediting is the process of preparing manuscripts, books, journals, theses and more. By working with a professional who can copyedit a book efficiently it’s possible to speed up its release as well as ensure that the manuscript or book is 110% ready for market.

The overall goal of copyediting is to not only improve the spelling and grammar through proofreading a document but to also improve the flow in a story and eliminate common mistakes such as bad syntax and grammar, repetition, inconsistencies, poor sentence structure and more.

Copyediting ensures there are accurate facts (names, dates etc), there’s consistent content flow and structure and will make sure your work reads well providing a better reading experience for your audience. It also adds credibility to your work which is essential if you are using your book as a marketing tool or trying to stand out in the publishers’ slush piles or make it as a professional writer or published author.

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As an author, I know the importance and value of putting your absolute best work out into the world. Using a professional editor can be the absolute icing on that delicious cake that is your manuscript.

Who is copyediting for?

Copyediting is for anyone who has written a lengthy piece of work. A copyediting service is especially recommended to first time authors, new writers, academics or corporates where writing for publication is not their core skillset. If you’re not sure when to avoid using an ampersand or how to correctly write numbers in a text, then you need a copyeditor or proofreader.

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What does a copyedit involve?

This services consists of a hard edit of your full manuscript (as supplied to me) and changes are returned tracked in Word for your convenience. The hard edit will include sentence and paragraph structure and thorough proofreading. As well as consistency for style, topic order (how the entire manuscript is structured) and correct grammar.

This edit will include improved word choice and readability, consistent tone, eliminate repetitive, redundant and awkward phrasing, consistent language to appeal to demographic (readers and potential publishers). It will also include suggestions for weak story points and additional points that are suggested to write.

An overall structural edit will also be supplied. Meaning the order of topics, the flow of the writing and manuscript, chapters and time structure may be changed or suggested differently (where appropriate).

This hard edit is also known as a stylistic, line edit or developmental edit. And does not include significant rewriting or ghost writing.

As an Australian professional copywriter, I have worked on fiction, non fiction and academic works. My copyediting work is thorough, consistent, efficient and will greatly improve your work, whatever your end goals are.


Your copyediting service includes:

  • a thorough level of editing and checking of…
  • content and structure
  • logical order
  • accuracy
  • wording, language, style and consistency (will be edited to suit your desired audience)
  • fact checking, including resources, correct names, dates etc (non fiction works only).

All my copyedits include a thorough proofread and spellcheck (additional proofreads can be requested at a discounted rate).

Copyediting does NOT include:

  • ghostwriting (this can be requested at an additional fee)
  • research
  • marketing consultation (this can be requested at an additional fee)
  • manuscript assessment (I recommend this MA service)
  • images/image sourcing
  • writing/editing blurbs or any other marketing material (this can be requested at an additional fee)
  • titles/subtitles will remain as you provide
  • formatting
  • any graphic design or typesetting (including cover and internal pages)
  • copyright or legal advice
  • written pitch, synopsis and marketing pitch to agents or publishers (this can be requested at an additional fee).

Copyediting rates

Editing rates will depend on how big your manuscript is. Copyediting can be ideal for anything from 10 000 words to 110 000 words. The average non fiction book is 50 000 words and a standard novel is between 70 000 words and 100 000 words. My rates will also depend on how intensive the editing may be. I may request a sample chapter to gauge your writing style before quoting. Fiction and non fiction manuscript editing attracts different rates. 

Copyediting for fiction or non fiction or business communication is offered at competitive rates. Copyediting is a rigorous and important process and as such attracts a premium fee. Depending on the length, purpose and complexity of your manuscript or document, your copyediting cost will range between approximately $2000 and $8000. I will provide you with a full and final quote prior to commencement, so you are completely clear on how much it will cost and when you will receive the final product. 
A full edit will take approximately four weeks but this will depend upon how booked out in advance I am. Please send me an email with:
– a final word count
– a sample chapter or two of your work
– spelling preference (Aus, UK, US English)
– intended markets/audience
– intended use (send to publishers, self publication, academic etc)
– any current publishers’ interest.

Academic and corporate publications will sometimes incur extra costs and will involve more research, reference checking and more. Please contact me for an accurate quote. 

A good editor understands what you’re talking and writing about and doesn’t meddle too much,’ Irwin Shaw.