Podcast Interview Acceptance Template

You’ve been asked to be on a podcast!

That’s great news. Podcasts are an exceptional marketing avenue. I’m sure there are many people who can’t wait to hear about your story. This template will help you prepare for the interview, making it easier than ever before.

podcast template

The host of the podcast has put in a lot of work preparing for this episode and they’re looking forward to hearing from you too! They want to make sure that everything is perfect – which is why we created this template so it’s both helpful for you AND them.

It’ll be worth it when your episode goes live with no hiccups or surprises along the way.

Instantly download the Podcast Interview Acceptance Template today.

Save time and get your message right!

Before you spend hours practising for your interview, get your preparation down pat it now with the Podcast Interview Acceptance Template. This template ensures that you and your interviewer have all of the necessary information before the show so no valuable time is wasted on details or worries.

This fully editable template includes:

  • bio
  • dicussion topics and key messages
  • social media handles

Plus so many more details which will be relevant for you delivering your best interview or performance on a podcast.

Impress your podcast host and get more out of the interview with this indepth template.

This is a 5 page fully fill-out-able pdf document.

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