Copywriting books

I have a number of copywriting books to help those people who want to do their own marketing and can’t wait for my services. Grab your copy now!

Potent: Improve Your Website with Powerful Copywriting

potent copywriting book

You know deep down that a great website can be the key to higher sales and more leads and customers. So how are you supposed to create effective content if you don’t have any idea what’s involved? That’s where this book steps in and holds your hand on the pathway to a better business.

Your website is your bread-and-butter so why take chances? Unpack the secrets to providing persuasive copy across your entire site that’s powerful enough to knock someone off their chair. Plus, you’ll get the lowdown on SEO advice, writing for different demographics and how to best position your brand.

Tips, formulas, templates and examples to help you refine daggy, outdated communications and start grabbing the attention of your new customers or clients.

Ideal for business owners and marketing professionals, Potent: improve your website with effortless copywriting will guide you through easy marketing techniques to jazz up your website so it starts working for, and not against, you.

Perfect Your Content Articles

write better content articles

Do you ever find yourself trying to write the perfect content for your articles or blogs? Stop stressing! Get a copy of Perfect Your Content Articles and start writing better in no time. After reading this ebook, you’ll be able to come up with ideas that will convince your audience that your brand or business knows what it’s talking about. And therefore are a trustworthy source to make a sale with.

Fiction novels

The Business Psychic is a sassy paranormal mystery that will keep you guessing and laughing the whole way through. AVAILABLE VIA AMAZON

The Tens is a gripping psychological thriller about a cult.