Copywriting Tips for the Wellness Industry

copywriting tips for the wellness industry

The wellness industry is expected to reach a value of US $4.24 billion by 2026 in the United States. Whether you own a yoga studio or are a massage therapist, or sell oracle cards or self-development books, you need to stand out in this crowded marketplace if you want to catch the right people. Not just capture the right people’s attention but at the right time for them, since wellness is often a fluctuating and personal journey. There may be a specific timeframe when they require your services – perhaps they are experiencing a nasty breakup or find themselves with low energy all the time after childbirth. And putting your message and brand right in front of them at the perfect time is key to increasing your sales and customer base. 

Even if you’re not a copywriter yourself or you have a copywriting team working for your brand, these copywriting tips are going to help you improve your wellness industry marketing. 

Why? Well, because there’s a lot of competition out there. So taking the extra effort to ensure that your copy is up-to-date and high quality will help you stand out from the crowd.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting refers to writing copy that can be used for advertising purposes. It may include sales letters, website landing pages, blog posts etc., but it usually comprises email newsletters as well. 

If you’re wondering how copywriting applies to your business and what exactly we mean by “copy” (or copywriting), here’s a brief definition:

Copy (noun) — written text used in marketing and advertising. Even the more “subtle” sales copy, such as informative blog posts or video scripts, are still part of the copywriting toolkit. 

It might sound simple enough, but there are many copywriting techniques that you can use to make your copy more practical, such as copywriting formulas and copywriting advice. Even if you don’t consider yourself a creative person, there are some copywriting tips and tricks that apply to all kinds of people who work in the wellness industry.

wellness industry copywriting tips

Tips for copywriters in the wellness industry:

  1. Write about other people.
  2. Highlight benefits, not features or facts.
  3. Make it personal.

Now let’s dive into these copywriting tips more.

1. Write about other people

Whether you’re working for a company or writing your own blog posts, make sure to include quotes from other people in addition to your own thoughts on the subject. Not only does this help with SEO, but it also makes your content more engaging. 

You might like to create case studies from previous clients who have had success with your services or product or create a heartfelt story about how you have helped someone’s life. The more a personal and authentic story you can tell, the more chance that other people will significantly identify with it and seek you out to also help them. 

Create a connection with the reader. Write your copy as if you are addressing one person directly rather than a group. For example, ‘I will do this for YOU.’ 

Remember to always get your clients’ or customers’ permission before using any identifying details in your marketing. 

2. Highlight benefits, not features or facts

When you’re giving instructions on how to use your product or talking about its benefits, focus on what people can do rather than what they are. Instead of saying “it’s organic”, say “you’ll be left with glowing skin!”

A feature is something that your service or product has. For example, a feature of a scented candle is the scent. But a benefit of the same scented candle is that it makes you ‘feel more relaxed than a day at the beach or it ‘directly transports you back to your twenties.’

Let’s take the app Headspace as an example. Whilst one of their FEATURES (what it contains/offers) is that they have over 500 meditations available, one of their clearly defined BENEFITS is ‘get the best sleep ever.’ And how enticingly written is that benefit? Who doesn’t want more of that?

3. Make it personal

Include personal anecdotes, case studies, and storytelling techniques to enhance your copy and directly connect with the people you want to read it. Use real-life examples of how the techniques or products that you provide have enhanced, healed or softened your life or solved your problems. 

Here is why you should inject storytelling into your copywriting:

• People like to read about other people – you’ll find more success if you can write from experience or from research rather than from generalisation.

• Storytelling makes your message memorable – studies have shown that stories stick in our minds better than plain facts.

• Stories offer an opportunity to explore emotions – something which your copy may not otherwise touch upon.

• People can relate to stories more easily than specific facts – it’s easier for them to connect with a story, rather than just being told how things will be.

It’s also important to remember that copywriting is an ongoing process, especially in online marketing where content needs to be updated regularly. You might write something once and think it’s done, but there’s always room for improvement. And the more you write, the better you will get at it. 

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copywriting tips for wellness
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