Copywriting client case study

Early last year my client, Tanya M Wilson, decided to work for herself full time after briefly working for someone else part time; even though she has been in the industry for a few decades and has run her own business for a long time in the past.

copywriting client case study

Tanya brought me on board because we had an existing connection and knew I was the person that would help make her business thrive (and her life much easier, of course). And, I was thrilled to work alongside her because I’m passionate about what she does in the Adelaide counselling and narcissistic abuse space and could immediately identify ways in which I could catapult her messages.

So, the first thing that we did was start an overall marketing strategy for the year which identified her topline goals and how we were going to achieve that with marketing activities. As well as working out which marketing activities were most suitable and effective to reach those goals. We also had to identify her target demographic, both in terms of the people that were already booking in to see her and the ideal people that she wanted to book. Additionally, we also looked at her key messages for her business which underpinned all the content that we did so that her target demographic were seeing the same consistent messages throughout the year without getting confused. This was a vital step in that it helped to strengthen her branding so people know exactly what she does, what she stands for and how they can help other people.

This was a vital step in that it helped to strengthen her branding so people know exactly what she does, what she stands for and how they can help other people.

Marketing and copywriting execution

copywriting client examples

One of the most fundamental activities that we did together was set up a website. I wrote the website copy in its entirety and did some onsite SEO stuff for her, which enabled the website to go live in the second quarter of the year. 

From there, I put into place some other solid content marketing activities that reinforced the effectiveness of the website. They included:

  • email marketing– in the form of a welcome sequence and regular newsletter
  • editorial content plan
  • regular SEO blogging– to really capitalise on her SEO keywords, as well as provide informative and confident resources so that her clients gained that sense of trust and could see she they knew what she was talking about and would be the right provider for them. 
  • Google Ads
  • ghostwriting and copyediting.
copywriting client case study example
An insight into some of the great content that Tanya and I have created

One of the most thrilling activities (for both my client and myself) that we did throughout the year was write an ebook, which we used for mainly lead magnet capturing, so people would sign up to her email database. 

This free ebook is very unique in concept, very helpful and provides a really solid resource for people and is more than just regurgitated content. It’s actually a really special piece of writing that I was proud to contribute to whilst using her concept, ideas and very solid notes and research to create something that has proved life changing for people, as well as a good way to capture interested peoples’ email addresses.

2020 marketing

At the beginning of this year, we also did another marketing strategy and editorial content plan to meet and revise objectives. It was incredibly exciting to reflect on the past year and notice the amazing marketing achievements and outcomes in such a short amount of time that my client achieved. 

These achievements were:

  • seeing a handful of SEO keywords on the first page of Google (this happened within eight or nine months which is phenomenal)
  • several keywords that have thousands of monthly searches are now rocketing up towards page one of Google
  • going from half client load to a full client load every week
  • booked out weeks in advance with a robust waiting list
  • more than 120 per cent increase in email subscribers

Credit where credit is due

copywriting client success

I have no doubt that most of this is because of what an incredible provider my client is coupled with the reputation she has built and the truly life changing services that she offers. I’ve also witnessed the connection she has with her clients, the willingness to go above and beyond and how she is just an all round wholesome person, which is what makes her successful. But I’m confident in my role of amplifying all those good things about her, her business and her services and I know that’s what I add to the mix. Particularly when it comes to SEO factors.

She has some more exciting things in the wings this year and we learnt a lot from last year. I’m very excited to see her implement new helpful tools for people in Adelaide and across Australia.

If you want to join the ranks of copywriting clients like Tanya and see real results from copywriting and marketing efforts, then get in direct contact with me today.