Content Strategy

Content writing is crucial for boosting your SEO, giving you credibility and increasing your sales. But there’s more to it than just randomly writing blog posts on a whim. To make sure you have a flourishing website that effortlessly brings in more and more web traffic, you need a carefully curated and constructed content writing strategy.

As a seasoned copywriter, I’ve worked with international, national and local brands to create and execute their content writing strategy. My generous content writing expertise will ensure you benefit from all the tips and tricks and SEO best practices that have seen their websites gain more traffic, boost sales and have more shareable content.

My premium content strategy package will give you unique ideas on what to focus your content articles on, how to best position yourself in the market and what and how to write directly to your audience.

No longer will you have to waste hours trying to come up with ideas to write about!

seo content plan

A professional content strategy can help you answer the following questions:

  • What sort of blog topics should we be writing about?
  • When should we post our content and how frequently?
  • What kind of goals should we have for our website content over the next year?
  • How will I know if my content is doing well?
  • How can we stop being stuck for things to write about?
  • What should we do with our old blog posts?
content strategy includes

Content strategy plan includes these highly valuable assets:

  1. An annual plan of strategic content articles that will help achieve your objectives
  2. Editorial style guide
  3. Editorial calendar, including identifying content pillars
  4. Blog template
  5. An audit of your existing blog content and recommendations for improvement
  6. SEO keyword research
  7. Keywords and topics for a year’s worth of content articles/blog posts
  8. Analysis of your website/blog data
  9. Content scorecard of existing content
  10. Onsite optimisation for existing and new content
  11. Identifying your goals and objectives and target audience for content
  12. Planning/briefing meeting
  13. A performance report of existing content, with recommendations for improvements
  14. Discount on my blogging package

A snapshot of your strategy assets: