SEO keyword service

seo keywords

SEO keywords are absolutely crucial for any writing that exists on the web.

For this cost-effective once off fee, I’ll undertake rigorous SEO keyword research on your behalf and provide you with SEO keywords to help you optimise your website and blog.

This SEO keyword research will provide you with a number of relevant keywords, their search volume, difficulty and how competitive they are.

I’ll highlight a few of the keywords so you know which ones are the best to choose to meet your SEO objectives and even keyword assign to your existing web pages.

Stop guessing and get the right keyword analysis to help you improve your SEO.


seo keywords research

SEO keywords will be:

  • relevant for your brand/business
  • high-quality
  • valuable for you to optimise your site
  • spelt correctly!
seo keywords adelaide

Essentially, this keyword analysis service is for anyone who wants to do in depth SEO targeting but are time poor or not sure where to start.

It’s ideal for those people who are in the planning stages of their website or blog or who need to start ranking higher and want more web traffic.

This is the perfect add on service when you sign up for website copywriting or blog writing.


seo keyword rates

The cost for SEO keyword research is as follows:

Basic list: $400 (plus GST) for 10-20 keywords (ideal for a simple website or 1-5 content article)s.

In depth list: $800 (plus GST) which includes:

  • 20 – 40 primary SEO keywords identified – that will work for your objectives
  • 30 – 50 keywords in total with data
  • keyword mapping against your existing or new site

(ideal for a more complex website, strategy, competitive industry, to help guide your content strategy, for those who want to make a serious impact on their SEO).