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Vanessa Jones, Jones the Writer Copywriting Services

Professional copywriter and SEO content writer

As a leading Australian copywriter, I will write epic copy to showcase your website, brand, business or organisation.

Professional copywriting makes all the difference

With more than thirteen years of professional copywriting experience working with some of Australia’s most recognisable brands, I’ll write blazing copy to showcase your business, products or services and attract the clients and customers that you want, all whilst solidifying your brand or increasing your credibility— whatever your marketing objectives are.

As one of Australia’s most prolific and sought after copywriters, you will be impressed with the quality and the genuine difference that Jones the Writer Copywriting Services will provide. 

You, your products, your business, what you offer are all unique… make sure you have effective copywriting reflect that.

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Copywriting services I offer

Choose from a powerful range of copywriting services which cover the following areas:

  • Improve SEO
  • Branding fundamentals
  • Sell
  • Lead generation
  • Done for you
  • Refine

Take a look at my list of professional copywriting services to see what you need:

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Who I work with

My copywriting clients have seen fantastic results. Clients have booked their own client schedule up for weeks. Or published their own books. Or increased their subscriber lists. Or started to draw in new leads with boosted SEO. At the very least, they have had one less thing to worry about when a professional takes care of their blogs, SEO, email marketing or copywriting needs.

Typically, I work with marketing managers or CEOs of corporate brands across a variety of industries. But I also really like working with smaller and brand new businesses run by one person. Whether you’re starting a new website, launching a new project or just trying to improve your business’s SEO, then consider my exceptional, results giving services.

Time and time again, I receive positive reviews and gushing compliments because my clients are so grateful that I’m able to take care of something that they haven’t had the time— or knowledge— to do.

As a copywriter that has been honing my craft for years, I work with an array of industries and brands, no matter how technical and complex or fresh new business you are.


For expert and professional copywriting and content writing that truly makes a difference.