How to Write SEO Product Descriptions – 10 Tips

Below, you will see my tips on how to write SEO product descriptions. But not just any product descriptions, ones that really suck people in and give them a thrill about what they are just about to purchase from you.

87 per cent of shoppers rate product content extremely or very important when deciding to buy so you need to make sure it’s perfect if you want to improve sales.

Here are some of the best practices how to write bewitching SEO product descriptions:

  • The first thing you want to do is make sure that your product dimensions and weight are all available on any page with a product for sale. People need to know the details.
  • While many people think meta descriptions don’t matter, they still play a role in how customers perceive your products. Be sure that if you have carefully thought out the product meta descriptions and title tags so that it matches the description on the page.

  • Every product must have at least one paragraph of text describing each attribute of the item for sale; how big, how heavy, how good it feels, how durable it is etc. Super important!
how to write seo product descriptions
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  • Don’t just copy and paste the manufacturer’s description of your product into your page or website, even if it is really good. Because this text may be copyrighted by them (it usually is) you could be in violation of their terms. Instead take the time to write a new short paragraph that describes how great the product is for how it will help solve the customer’s problem.
  • The best way to describe how awesome a product is, is not using hype language like “the most”, “best” or words like that but instead how it solves problems better than other products on the same market can do. Help customers visualise how their life will be better when they use your product instead. 50 per cent of people have returned an item they bought online because it didn’t match the product description. So be sure to be accurate in your sales copy too.
  • When describing how much a product weighs, in some markets it is more important than in others how big the product is or how durable it is; how many inches thick, how many pounds heavy etc. This may vary based on country because people from some countries are accustomed to different things while other countries force their citizens to deal with certain laws and regulations that make them worry about bigger/heavier products so they need to know exact measurements of everything. Essentially, consider that not all your customers will be from your country. 27.2 per cent of the world’s population shop online. That sure is a lot of potential customers to tap into.
  • Describe how a product feels! Be creative with your description about how it feels. Use feeling words that are more uncommon than just “soft” or “hard”. Consider also how durable it is and how easy to clean it is. Many customers will want to know these things so they can make an informed decision. Humans want to feel how something feels. We are not as interested in how it works or how it looks, but how it feels because feelings make us excited! This is why the fashion industry is so big since they sell how clothes look and feel.
  • Focus on the features of the product when writing product descriptions. Describe how the product can be used as well as how it performs. In your writing, make a note to include how any special features would prove useful to your buyer. How does it enhance their life? How will things change for them when they buy your product? Essentially, people just want to know how their life will improve.
  • Use bullet points when describing a product so that you can catch people’s eyes with ease without boring readers away from your page with too much text. This makes reading more fun for people to read and also there are many good reasons for using them.
  • Apply SEO best practices such as headings, subheadings and don’t forget to use the SEO keyword. Ideally, in the first line. You can use reputable SEO software like SEMrush to help you get the right keywords. Get the 14-day trial here.

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