Ebooks are pivotal for marketing

Writing and releasing an ebook is a powerful marketing tool that comes with many benefits. Not just that satisfied feeling that you’ve accomplished something that is tangible and braggable. But it actually has real advantages to for your digital marketing. Although it can take some time and energy to write, the effort really pays off. 

I advocate for ebooks as a mighty lead magnet (eg, something that entices people to sign up to your marketing list). Mainly because ‘…98% of your traffic isn’t ready to buy right now, and 70% of all website visitors on average will never return to your website.’ So capturing email addresses whilst you can is crucial. 

Here are some real world benefits of having an ebook in your marketing plan.


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People have revered books for centuries. And for good reason. Books are one of the most influential tools that have ever existed for people. With an ebook you have a tool to put yourself in a locus of influence (for good, of course). Position yourself as an expert in your field so that you are the first name that people think of when considering the services you offer. 

Plus, sharing your information in the form of an ebook offers that additional credibility. When people see how knowledgeable you are about a topic, you literally give them the proof that you know what you are doing and have more knowledge that your competitors or someone just entering the field. 

Or if you are a startup venture or don’t have an established brand, an ebook is the perfect way to showcase and demonstrate loads of information so that it builds trust. 


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You have a bit more creative control over an ebook (than other forms of communications) and there is no hard and fast rule as to how it looks. You can go full hog and give over all your best information in thirty thousand words or you can keep it tight and enticing with your most favourite salient points in four thousand words and a few images. 

More sales

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As mentioned above, an ebook is an effective lead magnet and attracts sign ups to email distribution list, particularly if it’s free.

‘People like to get things for free. It makes us feel like we’re getting a better value. That’s why all those infomercials on TV double your order for free, or throw in free gifts. It makes something that might seem expensive to begin with seem like a bargain, because of all the “free” things you’re getting. Tap into that same psychological drive by offering an incentive to your customers.’


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An ebook is also an opportunity to sell your services or products even further, either by introducing your target demographic to an additional service that you offer or a more expensive or premium arm of services or products. You can also use it to cross sell or really solidify your businesses key message. Are you really the most creative hairdresser in the area?

It’s a relevant and non pushy way to upsell to the people who are already interested in your knowledge.


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Ebooks are also great because people can take them away and read them at their own leisure, meaning that you will be top of mind when someone is reading your book in bed at night, on their lunch break or morning commute. Not just when they are Googling you— there is longevity in this type of content. 


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Ebooks immediately create a sense of value in a reader’s mind. Intrinsically, they promise a wealth of knowledge and people really feel like they are scoring a deal when they hand over their email address (or few dollars if you are selling it). 


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It’s relatively easy to write and create (or outsource). You can easily publish yourself without specialised knowledge and without spending a fortune. You can upload to your site or email marketing list straight away.

Do you know what else is great about an ebook? It’s an opportunity to repurpose your content. You can take your existing knowledge, presentation notes, enewsletters or blog posts and rewrite them in an ebook format. 


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You can include additional content that supports your key message, not just text. Ebooks— particularly pdfs— are amenable to worksheets, images, charts, hyperlinks, templates and more! And it’s all packaged up in one convenient place, rather than making your reader trawl through stuff on your website.

I have always advocated creating a book for your business as part of your marketing plan. Here’s what I said in an interview with Huffpost a few years ago:

“Self publishing my book has a lot of intrinsic value. Now I can refer to myself as an author, instead of just a writer. It’s also been a wonderful learning experience and has given me an insight into the publishing and bookselling industry that I might not have seen if I went with a traditional publisher,” Jones said.

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