Marketing Managers Should Outsource to a Freelance Copywriter

Outsourcing to a freelance copywriter is a no brainer for business owners. But if you’re a marketing manager who works for someone else, have you considered doing the same?

While it can be unnerving at first, outsourcing your company’s copywriting allows you to put the best writer in charge of crafting words that will improve your brand identity and aid in converting customers or clients into satisfied buyers.

freelance copywriter

If you’re not convinced yet, here are five reasons why hiring a freelance copywriter could be the best decision you make today.

1) A freelance copywriter can have expertise in writing to enhance your brand identity

When you hire a freelance copywriter, they don’t come with a pre-designed template or set of ideas they are already attached to. They will bring fresh ideas and approaches to your organisation.

Have you ever been too close to something to notice the obvious? It happens all the time. All it takes is someone new to the data or problem to give you a fresh perspective, and it can open up doors that were previously closed.

2) Freelance copywriters are professional and reliable

Marketing managers can’t afford to have their products or services surrounded by amateurish content that doesn’t inspire confidence in customers. By outsourcing to a freelance writer, you’re guaranteed professionalism and reliability because they’ll know they’ll have more work if they produce high-quality work frequently. It’s part of their business model! Do a great job, and you’ll have more work.

The freelance writer can also provide flexibility by working on-demand basis, meaning that the marketer only contracts when required instead of being stuck in a long-term commitment.

3) Copywriters provide original content for your company

Every marketing manager wants to establish a unique voice that inspires trust in consumers looking for customer reviews online before buying their product or engaging in their service.

A professional copywriter will get to know your brand thoroughly and then craft epic content for various assets— web copy, content articles, social media posts, or even slide decks. This original content will see your brand positioned out in front of all your competitors.

4) Level the playing field with a freelance copywriter

Outsourcing your company’s content can level the playing field for small businesses. Large companies with an unlimited budget for marketing materials where ‘the average marketing budget for B2B firms accounts for 13% of company revenue.’ This means they hold a huge advantage over smaller companies that don’t have access to these sized budgets. This is where freelance copywriters come in. You don’t have to hire an expensive agency, a new staff member or spend thousands on advertising when you outsource your copywriting work to one person.

busy freelance copywriter

One of the many ways a freelance writer can benefit a company is by providing convenience and flexibility. Instead of having an employee physically present at all times in an office, marketers may outsource their needs to freelance writers who operate mostly remote from their clients. The writer does not need to be sitting next to or immediately near the marketer like an employee would be required. Imagine all the time and money that would save your company!

5) A freelance copywriters can offer a variety of services

Like most copywriters, I don’t just do copywriting. Because of my background in marketing, I provide a range of marketing services, including SEO, email marketing, content strategy and even book blurb writing and book coaching.

That means I’m bringing a whole new set of skills to the game that will help advise your strategy and take your marketing to a whole new level. It also means that you spend far less time having to brief me because I already know what you are talking about and, in turn, can provide high-level professional advice to your current marketing challenge.

If you are an overworked marketing manager, that spends way too much time deliberating on what to write next or whether you have nailed the headline, reach out to me today.