Three quick content writing tips

1. How do you develop rich content writing for your demographic?

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Research! In depth research about your client or customer should always form a part of your marketing and content writing plan. Otherwise you may be anticipating needs and wants that may not even fit your target demographic. Ask them… through surveys, focus groups, feedback, industry research etc what they really want to know, what they are feeling as part of the customer journey and what they need and meet those needs for them.

2. Engaging readers and customers is a life long journey

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Although this depends on the industry, a good content writing campaign should be ongoing and nurture the customer/client every step of the journey. From before the decision making process has even begun, to post purchase and beyond. The term “life long” refers to the life of the customer journey, rather than the life of the customer. Although in some cases this can be one and the same. For example, if you had a product or service that your customer requires from infancy to old age, then you would adapt  to suit their changing needs throughout their lifetime. An example of this might be a medical/doctor service.

3. Content writing needs to be fresh but reusable

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Again, industry and topic dependent but well written content is usually evergreen or at least, able to be repurposed. If it’s news content that is being uploaded straight to a website, for most clients the content can stay on the website perpetually. Unless it harms the company (perhaps there has been a change in research or they no longer offer the product or service) there’s no reason why it cannot be archived.

In terms of fresh content writing, it really does depend on the client’s audience. Some may be content hungry and others are “slow burners”. As long as fresh content is going out at least weekly (for most industries), then it depends on the audience.

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