Top five posts for direct copywriting

It’s really important to write with authority and establish credibility if you want to build an audience and/or following for your website or blog. It’s even more important if you want that audience to buy what you tell them to buy. Enter direct copywriting…

Direct copywriting with authority is about demonstrating your expertise and knowledge and defining where you sit in the market and in your industry. Are you renowned for selling multimillion dollar houses in the hills? Are you the most efficient bookkeeper that your clients have ever worked with? Do you have exceptional and up to date knowledge on what is happening with big data? By writing about your niche and using specific language choice, you can begin to assert your authority. 

​Below are five useful articles to help you write with authority and improve your direct copywriting.

​1. How to write well

direct copywriting

This article has many valuable key takeaways but one of my favourite is about keeping your writing succinct. Including short words and short sentences. Read how to write well.

2. 10 ways to build authority as an online writer

website direct copywriting

Although it’s a few years old, this post is from a really persuasive copywriting site and has very clear cut information on writing with credibility, with some snapshots from some of the most influential business leaders. One of the key takeaways is to just do the hard work. Read about building authority as an online writer.

3. Writing with authority: a primer

better direct copywriting

Although this is written for fiction writing, it has a lot of valuable advice that can be applied to copywriting. My favourite advice of all time and I regularly employ it in my own copywriting is specificity. Honestly, I believe this is key to success in all types of writing.  Read about writing with authority.

4. Six ways to establish credibility with your audience

audience and direct copywriting

This super simple post is ideal for the direct copywriting beginner. These six crystal clear tips will have you sharpen your copywriting in no time. Read about establishing credibility

5. 8 ways to establish authority in writing web copy

how to write direct copywriting

This content article is more indepth and has a lot more information and some super great bullet points to follow. A brilliant takeaway is ‘Put the important information at the beginning of the writing. Support the rest of your copy with the details.’ Read about establishing authority in writing web copy.

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