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Most people spend an average of far less than a minute on your web pages, so in order to grab their attention ensure you keep your web copywriting snappy and engaging. Bullet points and pared back short sentences will work well really well! But read on for more super web copywriting tips…

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​People often go to your website to find out more about you, so it’s vital that you have a clean and comprehensive About Me page on your site. So many people (I’m talking lots, from artists to accountants and especially authors!) find it hard to write about themselves, so I’ve devised this really simple to use template for your own About Me web page.

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Web copywriting template

My name is… [your name].

I am a… [list the three or four things that you consider your main occupations or areas of expertise]

The way I work is… [for example, I am a freelance graphic designer or I use Reiki to heal people].

I value… [what are the most important things about the way you conduct your business or offer your clients].

My background is… [list your professional background and previous jobs/careers].

I decide to make the switch to… [current career] when… [list the date and reason that encouraged you to make this shift, if applicable].

Did you know? [insert something very unique and interesting about yourself. For example, I competed in the Olympics].

My qualifications:

I have also studied:

I am a member of
[list the professional organisations and associations that you are part of, relevant to what you do]. (Logos are ideal for professional members, instead of listing).

Insert link to your contact page or contact details

As with all good SEO copywriting, make sure you include your SEO keywords and best practices, with adequate subheadings and good structure.

Need help nailing your about me web copy?

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