Eight Tools to Help Promote Your Business Online

Here are some of my favourite web based software tools to help you when promoting your business online and make your life a buttload easier.


A user friendly design tool that can help you make funky looking Facebook cover images and blog graphics etc.



This is similar to Canva but has a really useful took to be able to accurately crop your image. This is terrific if you need to remove an image’s background in a hurry. Don’t forget your copyright rules when using images!



A handy tool to turn your data into a digestible infographic. People do love an infographic!


Haiku Deck

A presentation application to display slides. It’s like a fancy, more “now” version of Powerpoint.



Great for running social media competitions plus their blog is God’s personal treasure chest of information.



A super schmick tool to collect all your tweets about a particularly hashtag or topic. It can order it in a narrative form, so you have a sweet little Twitter story. Nawwww.


Place It

A tool to help you create product shots and videos to assist with your marketing collateral.


Quotes Cover

Turns your quotes into cutie pie little art pics. Good for those of us who love to throw out a Rumi quote regularly.




Now listen to me…

For the love of baby Jesus himself – please make sure you hire a professional if you don’t know what you are doing. Particularly if you want a logo designed. If you’re looking for a terrific freelance professional in Adelaide, be sure to check out Freelance Creatives of Adelaide directory.

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