The essentials of Facebook remarketing

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Facebook is a useful marketing channel for many reasons. Boasting 2.38 billion active monthly users, it gives you the opportunity to reach a large number of potential customers with a single ad or campaign.

The popular social media platform is also valuable because it allows you to remarket leads who’ve demonstrated interest in your business. To better understand how you can leverage this feature to your advantage through Facebook advertising, keep the following points in mind.

Understanding Facebook Remarketing

facebook remarketing

Again, remarketing simply involves targeting former customers or people who have simply engaged with your brand in the past. Facebook helps marketers with this process in several ways. They include:

Customer Lists

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When advertising on Facebook, again, you’re potentially sharing your marketing content with a wide range of users. Not all of them will be interested in your products or services. For your campaigns to deliver a strong return on investment, you need to target the right people.

That’s why Facebook lets you generate audiences to target based on numerous factors. While you can create an audience based around demographic information, for a remarketing campaign, your goal is to create an audience of people who’ve engaged with your brand.

One way to do this is to create a Custom Audience using an existing customer list. For instance, perhaps your business has an email newsletter. You could upload your email list to Facebook, generating an audience consisting of your email subscribers. 

That’s just one example. You may have other customer lists to upload, such as loyalty program lists. The main point to keep in mind is that you can use this data to target the right users on Facebook.

Site Visitors

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The Facebook Pixel is another valuable tool you should be using. This piece of code, which you can insert into pages on your site, collects information when a Facebook user takes a certain action on your site. You can then use this data to remarket to particular users.

For example, imagine you’re handling the marketing for an apparel brand. Maybe the company is releasing a new bag designed to match another garment already available on its ecommerce store. If you were to advertise this new bag on Facebook, you’d want to target people who already bought the previous garment. The Pixel collects the necessary data for you to do so.

App Activity

Don’t neglect your app’s value when using Facebook as a remarketing tool. If you collect user data, it can also help you generate audiences for remarketing campaigns. This may even be more valuable than website data if you find customers tend to engage with your app more than they engage with your site.

Experiment with these features and monitor your progress to determine which strategies are most effective. That’s key. As a marketer, you know how important it is to constantly track your campaigns. By doing so, and by taking advantage of Facebook’s remarketing features, you’ll maintain customer engagement, helping your business truly thrive.

This has been a guest post from New York’s Taktical Digital.