18 reasons why you should be blogging

Are you one of the very few people left who don’t yet blog? Have you abandoned the thought of it thinking it will be a waste of your valuable time? Perhaps it’s time to rethink blogging? Particularly if you are a creative or you want to create opportunities to promote our business to a wider community. Starting a blog is the one thing you can do to improve your current business.


Here are a eighteen reasons why you should be blogging. It:

  1. is a great way of getting your writing out in a public forum
  2. creates exposure for your brand and business
  3. will bring in new clients/customers
  4. providse confidence and trust to your consumers that you are knowledgable about your industry
  5. encourages/motivates you to write more/regularly and get to know your business well
  6. gives instaneous gratification at seeing your work immediately published and your audience can engage straight away
  7. creates an opportunity for people to provide feedback on your services or products
  8. refines your writing, marketing and communication skills
  9. can lead to career/job opportunities in the future
  10. connects you with a larger community
  11. is a learning opportunity
  12. there is potential to earn money from your blog
  13. is free/low cost
  14. is incredibly easy and fast
  15. can reach an international audience
  16. helps to constantly remind you of your branding and why you do what you do
  17. it drastically improves your SEO
  18. you just never know who may read it…

You might be interested in learning more about blogging with the Blank to Brilliant: write a blog post online course.

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