Why chatbots should be part of your acquisition strategy

This is a guest post.

Chatbots have been around for some time, but it is not until recently that they have been seen as a reliable tool for businesses. We are now beginning to see them being used for advertising on Facebook and many other similar mediums. With chatbots becoming more reliable, many of the world’s top brands are using chatbots to increase sales.


Much of this is due to advancements in the technologies that support chatbots. Instead of being very simple programs that can handle a very narrow range of interactions, chatbots can be much more conversational and do more than answer simple questions.

With these improvements, chatbots can be one of the most powerful tools for Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). They can not only help a business get more leads but they can also assist in turning those leads into sales.

The following are five of the top reasons why chatbots should play a role in your customer acquisition strategy 

Increase user engagement

A chatbot can provide a level of interaction that may not be available with some of your other online assets. Having a website and an app is good. But they might not be able to provide enough support when customers need it. With a chatbot, customers get a level of interaction that is similar to dealing with a person. And the chatbot can be programmed to answer questions or to help your customer find what they are looking for.

Chatbots can increase sales

Chatbots can be programmed to perform a wide range of tasks. They can use customer data to suggest products that are likely to interest your target demographic. They’re also able to send information about sales or give customers coupons for instore purchases. Along with that, they can help the customer find what they want and link them to the relevant product page to help them make a purchase.

A convenient mobile experience

Having an app is a good way to reach customers on mobile, but there is no guarantee that they will find or want to download your app. With chatbots available in popular messaging apps, you can provide customers with an easy way to interact with your brand in an app they already have. This will provide a more convenient experience for consumers who may not be ready to download and install your app.

Leverage popular mobile apps

Facebook Messenger has more than 1.3 billion monthly users. That is a huge audience and the platform provides a ton of opportunities for businesses to connect with consumers. With a chatbot on an app like Messenger, you have access to this large audience and the ability to communicate with consumers on an app they likely already have. As a part of your acquisition strategy, a Messenger chatbot can do a lot for lead generation and increasing your conversion rate.

Low cost and easy to implement

One of the best reasons to start using a chatbot for your customer acquisition strategy is that it is cheap and easy. Facebook provides all of the infrastructure to support the bot and you have a range of chatbot tools that make it easier to build chatbots. This helps to keep the cost down while also making it much easier to get started with using chatbots.

Chatbots are now more accessible than they ever have been in the past. They also have better capabilities than they ever did and they can do more to help your business. If you are looking for ways to expand your reach and get more sales, a chatbot is a must have for your customer acquisition strategy.