SEO statistics for website traffic

If it seems like I bang on about SEO a lot, it’s probably because I do. It’s the absolute crux of your digital marketing strategy and increasing website traffic. In case I haven’t convinced you of the importance of refining your SEO more, here are some illuminating SEO statistics. I’ve also highlighted what the statistic means for you and your website. 

Long tail keywords

More than 50% of searches are over four words long. This is what is known as long tail keywords.

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What this means for you:

That some of your SEO content articles or web pages need to factor in long tail keywords. Instead of writing content for single words, for example one of my keywords is “copywriter”, I’ve optimised a web page for marketing for small business step by step workbook

It’s also wise to optimise for questions. Make sure your content is answering questions. An example on my site is “what is copywriting?”

Article length

The average Google first page result contains 1,890 words. 

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What this means for you:

You might not be writing enough content! Although data doesn’t lie, I continue to have (and have seen clients consistently have) exceptional results with content 500 to 800 words. Which often comes about by posting regular content. If you don’t post regularly, the experiment with longer SEO content articles and monitor your website traffic results. Read my post: how long should a blog post be?

Organic or nothing

70 to 80% of search engine users are only focusing on the organic results.

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What this means for you:

That although Google Ads might be an important part of your marketing strategy, organic search could be more important and more valuable for you to put your time into. If nearly all people are completely visually bypassing Google Ads, you could be wasting your money. Implementing some SEO activities will help increase your website traffic.

What attention span?

55% spent fewer than 15 seconds actively on a page.

website traffic attention span

What this means for you:

Your content needs to be super snappy and short. All whilst being interesting. Experiment with inserting a powerful call to action halfway through your content as well as at the end of your content article. 

First page

75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results.

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What this means for you:

If your web page or post is not ranking of the first page then at least three quarters of people searching for your keywords or topics won’t even see that you exist. Let alone click on the link! You’re barely even in the game. There are ten organic results on every SERP. If none of your targeted keywords are ranking in the top ten results, then pick one to focus on and do your utmost to get it to rank on the first page and you might have a chance at better website traffic.

Organic website traffic

An average of 51% of all website traffic is generated from organic searches.

organic website traffic

What this means for you:

If you’re spending no time or marketing budget on SEO (the practice of optimising your site to take advantage of organic searches) then you are most likely missing out on the possibility of fifty per cent more website traffic. 

What’s more, ‘In addition to improving your brand identity and your company’s online presence, statistics show organic traffic captures over 40% of revenue.’

Ready to get the website traffic you deserve?