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How to write contact us page for your website

Did you know that the contact page is quite crucial when writing for the web? When creating a website, most business owners get caught up with the look of their home, blog and sales pages. Rarely do they prioritise the look and feel of the “Contact Us” page. Even the most beautiful and sophisticated websites out there make the mistake of having dull and uninspiring contact pages. 

Surprisingly, the contact us page is one of the most visited pages on any website and one of the best ways to direct customers to your sales or customer service team. For most businesses, it is the main reason why they have a website in the first place. 

Here are some effective writing for the web tips to polish up your contact page. 

Keyword research

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Keyword research is vital when writing content for most pages on our website so why not the contact us page as well? By researching the kind of information your potential customers are searching for, you can position your contact us page as an effective lead magnet. You’ll be surprised at the number of organic leads you can have just by carrying out proper SEO keyword research and writing high quality content using this information.

Stating clearly how you wish to be contacted 

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This is another obvious mistake that most websites are guilty of: not stating their preferred mode of contact. It is not enough to pile up all of your contact information on your contact us page if you don’t check your messages regularly.

This page should be very clear on how you wish to be contacted, as well as when. Include opening hours or best available times, which will make all the difference in securing your sales. If someone has to play “phone tag” with you, it will likely result in frustration and lack of motivation to follow through with booking an appointment or making a sale from your potential client’s end. 

Don’t make it an orphan page

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An orphan page is a webpage that doesn’t link to or from any other page on a website. This makes them almost impossible to find unless they are included in a menu. Although the contact us page is usually the last page to be created when designing a website, it is important to ensure that it redirects back to other relevant pages. Such as:

  • Costs
  • Services
  • FAQ
  • and conversion pages (such as shop etc). 

This doesn’t just help with SEO but also helps visitors navigate your website and points them to any important information they may have missed. Doing so can also save time and resources in the business. If your customer can find answers directly on your website without having to talk to one of your salespeople or admin staff, you’ve made the process much easier! I like to remind people that your website is just another customer service representative for your business!

Work on the meta data description

The contact us page of your website gets crawled by search engine bots just like other pages and having a well structured meta data description will help with your visibility. Meta data, in this case, refers to your tags and page title. All of these features come together to boost your page visibility. Also, your website’s Domain Authority (DA) score is awarded after analysing every page including the contact us page. 

Think of it as a conversion tool

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The whole point of creating a website is to improve your visibility and get more leads for your business. And the contact us page is a powerful conversion tool in your arsenal. Aside from providing your contact information or contact form, you can also use the contact us page to capture leads and email sign ups, provide information and invite visitors to connect further. Tip: remember to add your social media icons and links as well as enews subscribe link, so they can keep connected.

It’s tricky because you generally want to keep the amount of text short but you still need to really convince people to contact you. However, one they have made the decision to contact you, they go from being a cold lead to a warm lead and it’s such a smaller gap in convincing them to give you money. Believe it or not, the contact page is your last minute attempt to really, truly convince them you are the one for them!

In an ideal world by this point, you have completely convinced your potential customer or client that they want to buy from you, even before the email/phone call or adding to their shopping cart. However, this is an opportunity to add any extra relevant information that a potential client or customer may have missed somewhere in the UX journey.

Make it friendly and interactive

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Most people will visit your contact us page because they need help with something, they have a question or they have a problem to which they hope you have the answer or solution. Having a friendly and interactive contact us page content will go a long way to ensuring that they actually do contact you. 

While many sites throw up a contact us page as a quick after-thought, you should be dedicating a lot more time and care to your contact page because, for many brands, it’s the beginning of your relationship with potential customers.

For example, instead of having the default Contact Us title, you can switch it up with ‘What can we do for you?’ or ‘How can we help you?’ Your content should also be written in a conversational tone that conveys friendliness and professionalism, which is a key part of writing for the web.

The most important thing to remember is that your contact page is an integral part of your website. So, take the time to give it a brand look and feel that your customers will love.