What is a media release?

what is a media release

A media release, also known as a press release, is a one to two page document that is written specifically for people who work in the media and is genuinely newsworthy. It incorporates a journalistic style and is often written by publicists or copywriters, with the aim of getting media coverage.

The idea behind a media release is to have it written as closely to the journalist’s or media personnel’s way of writing as possible. People who work in the media are always on a deadline and busier than you can imagine, so the easier you make their job, the more chance that you will be featured.

The ultimate media release is one that a very busy journalist can cut and paste. Don’t forget to think like a journalist.

what is a media release

Media releases are great for:

  • new product or service release
  • an event, show, play or
  • announcements, especially business announcements
  • change of circumstance.