Eight reasons to hire a freelance copywriter

There are many great reasons for hiring a specialist and outsourcing project work, particularly when it comes to copywriting. Here’s an insight into why hiring a freelance copywriter is one of the smartest things you can do for your business.

1. It is a specialised skill

A freelance copywriter is a specialist. Copywriting isn’t just journalism. It’s not an unbiased piece of content that provides you with direct news. It’s a marketing tool to help you widen your customers and sell the services and products that you bring to the world.

Sure, a lot of people may be able to write. They can even sound incredibly professional or quirky. But copywriting is a very specific skill in that it combines high level professional writing to speak directly to your target audience, for the medium intended.

Copywriting is a persuasive art, often disguised as being so subtle that readers don’t even know they are being sold to! This takes the mind of a magician.

Good copywriters know to how capture exactly what you want (or should be) saying and how to position your business almost instantly (well, okay… maybe after you have filled out the brief). This is one of their honed skills in their magic bag of tricks.

2. It saves you time

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Breakdown of time spent on writing blog posts

The time it takes for your staff members to write something, say a blog post or a media release or even to rewrite a whole new website, is time taken away from their core duties.

It can take around five hours to write one blog post, longer if your staff are not experienced. That’s essentially a day’s work on a blog post. Can any of your team afford to lose a day with their current work load?

Most people are already stretched thin in their job as it is, if you throw an extra task or project into the mix, something (either the employee’s wellbeing and/or other facets of their job responsibilities) will be negatively impacted.

Being overworked and over extended is an epidemic in this day and age. In fact, it can lead to costly mistakes at work and serious health issues. Nearly thirty per cent of workers feel that they are overworked.

Poor work–life outcomes are associated with poorer health, more use of prescription medications, more stress and more dissatisfaction with close personal relationships.

You can start to alleviate some of this strain simply by outsourcing your copywriting and improving your bottom line. You may even find your employees’ performance improve.

‘In the 19th century, when organized labor first compelled factory owners to limit workdays to 10 (and then eight) hours, management was surprised to discover that output actually increased – and that expensive mistakes and accidents decreased.’

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3. It will be well written

Since ‘45% of marketers say blogging is the #1 most important piece of their content strategy,’ (source) it’s crucial that your blogging content well exceeds mediocre. Not only will a professional copywriter make sure the copy is expertly written to sound intriguing enough to keep reading, whilst pushing a soft sell or direct sales techniques, but will incorporate fundamental writing practices.

This includes:

  • sharp sentence structure
  • perfect grammar and spelling
  • ensuring it reads well and is easy to follow
  • is interesting and doesn’t get lost in the noise of the web or other marketing material
  • written in a tone that perfectly captures your business and what it does
  • is written specifically for your audience (not for you or for your competitors)
  • encapsulating your message straight up (I’m not a fan of waffling on)
  • keeping style consistent (eg, do you title case position titles?)
  • reducing tacky clichés and make your writing more unique and original
  • a consistent tone and shape of the written work to convey exactly what it needs to (for example, why your customers should buy your product today or a cleverly crafted content article about the latest fashions in toeless socks and so on).

‘A word after a word after a word is power,’ Margaret Atwood.

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4. It will master your tone of voice

The art of copywriting comprises of absolutely “nailing” the voice of a company. Tone of voice is a powerful way to give your brand a personality and once your brand is personalised, people will automatically and subconsciously connect to it. Words are often the first step or level of establishing a relationship with someone or something. And as your sales team will tell you, selling is all about relationships!

‘47% of buyers viewed three to five pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep,’ (Demand Gen Report, 2016).

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5. It will improve your SEO

Sterling copywriting will ensure you are super discoverable online by enhancing your copy with SEO best practices.

SEO specialist copywriters will conscientiously keep abreast of Google’s ever changing algorithms and know how to write well and optimise your content.

Good grammar, clear formatting and the way the writing is structured (as well as internal and external links) will all enhance your SEO.

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6. It will help with your content strategy

You know that you should be blog posting regularly to improve your SEO but you have no idea what to write about and what would make great content that will increase your search results. A decent SEO copywriter will be able to guide you in your content plan by suggesting blog topics and content ideas in alignment with your keyword research and marketing plan. Some may even have the skills necessary to do the SEO research necessary.

‘Websites with a blog have tend to have 434% more indexed pages,’ (source).

A freelance copywriter will also guide you in the right direction in terms of which assets work for which purpose. Not sure whether you need a flyer or some email marketing? A copywriter will help you determine which medium will suit your purpose and audience.

7. It will save you money

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‘I have been working on this for weeks but I just can’t get it to sound right,’ is one of the most frequent comments I get when new clients hire me. And just like above where I have outlined how hiring a writer can save you copious amounts of time, saving time always equals saving money.

Having a copywriter on staff can be costly process, especially if you only need them for project work. A freelance copywriter cuts out all the costs of having a permanent employee.

8. It will give you a whole lot more than you expect

This may not be the case with every copywriter but often they can have a generous skillset. For example, I have been a publicist, project coordinator and marketing manager so I can bring a lot more than “just” words to the table. I know how the media thinks and responds, so I can write really effective media releases and I have a deep understanding of concepts like sales funnel, lead gen and customer journey map, when clients throw those terms my way.

Additionally, I am a trained yoga teacher, have studied creative writing, psychology and philosophy at university and professional writing psychology at TAFE. Besides meaning that I’m an education junkie, this suggests that I am fascinated by the human mind and have a profound understanding of how people work, making it easier to communicate directly with them. I appreciate the personal and emotional facets of where people want their money to go, even at a corporate and government level.

I’ve also written marketing books, several novels, a book of short stories and a book of poetry and everything I learn in the process of writing those mammoth projects are brought into my client work.

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