Working with Jones the Writer Copywriting Services


Fill out my quote form on my website and I will provide you with a complete quote and when you will receive your assets by. You will get this copywriting quote within 24 to 48 hours.

If you’re unsure which copywriting assets you actually need, take a browse through my website to see what I offer or let me know your marketing goals/objectives and I will provide an effective solution.


Australian copywriting service

Reply to my quote confirming your acceptance and things officially begin! Be sure to familiarise yourself with my terms and conditions that are sent at time of quote and feel free to sing out if you have any questions at this time.

If you’re not ready to go ahead with the quote, it would be very helpful for me if you let me know, so I can stop following up with you.


I will invoice you for the upfront payment/deposit to secure your place in my copywriting client schedule. The work does not begin until the upfront payment is in my account, so I require this before any meetings/research.

Paying the upfront deposit ensures that I deliver your work at the agreed upon deadline as per the quote. I cannot guarantee your work will be delivered by the quoted deadline if the deposit is not paid in time.

Step four: BRIEFING

The briefing process will likely consist of me sending you a short and easy brief to fill out. We might have a fifteen minute phone conversation at a mutually agreed upon time if I need more information.

If you have opted for onsite optimisation or email marketing, I’ll probably prompt you for some logins at this stage.


Step five: THE WORK

This is where I get busy creating a copywriting masterpiece for you, so you probably won’t hear much from me until it’s time to deliver your work.

Step six: DELIVERY

This is the most exciting step for the both of us. I will email you your copywriting work as per the quote on or before the delivery date stipulated.

Your work will be sent to you as a Word document. If you requested copyediting or proofreading, you will receive your original work back with tracked changes. Onsite optimisation will be performed directly through the backend of your website.

I will send a copy deck with the work, which is essentially just a cover sheet to let you know all the details of the project that has been undertaken. You will be invoiced upon delivery, at this stage.

Step seven: REPEAT

copywriting service

The process repeats itself all over again when we work together on a new project!

Isn’t it time you showcased your business with heroic copy?