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If you love my marketing templates and books as much as I do and know people that will benefit from them, why not share your knowledge and get paid for it!

Earn 20 % of the sale price

Every time someone makes a purchase on one of my templates or books, using your unique affiliate link you can earn 20 per cent on the sale price!

You will love this affiliate program if you:

  • have access to a lot of business owners (no matter the size)
  • know people that need help with their marketing
  • have a generous social media or digital following
  • love sharing quality products
  • want to earn a little extra or are looking for a side hustle.

And it’s so easy:

  1. Simply take two seconds to sign up
  2. wait for approval (usually within 24 hours)
  3. start using the links provided
  4. earn instantly!

You can put your links in your social media posts, emails or even just referring to a friend.

affiliate program

Safe and reliable

All the transactions and sale recording is done via a third party site (Payhip) and Paypal takes care of the payments, so you don’t have to worry about anything other than sharing and recommending the terrific templates! And the best part is, it will be constantly updated with new content.

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Terms and conditions:

  1. You will be paid via Paypal (make sure to put your Paypal address in when you sign up) within 14 days of the final day of the month.
  2. At this stage, only residents of United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are eligible for this affiliate program.
  3. You will be automatically removed from the program if no sales are recorded after six months.
  4. You are responsible for promotions and sharing the affiliate link.
  5. No refunds are provided to customers.
  6. I reserve the right to remove anyone from this affiliate program at my discretion.
  7. Affiliate program may end at any time but you will be given notice.
  8. No banners, digital assets or code will be supplied. All affiliate sharing is done by unique link provided through your dashboard.
  9. You can remove yourself from the affiliate program at any stage. Final payouts will be done within 14 days after the final day of the month.
  10. Not available on products sold via Amazon or Lulu. Only valid for products sold via Payhip using your unique link. If you don’t use the link provided, you will forfeit your commission.
  11. It’s your responsibility to learn how Payhip, PayPal and their dashboards work. No training will be provided. But it’s pretty easy to figure out!

All questions can be directed via: vanessa@jonesthewriter.com Please put “Affiliate Program” in the subject line.