Three ways to help boost your engagement on Facebook organically

​Speak directly to your Facebook fans

​Create a meaningful way for your audience to interact. People inherently seek ways to contribute and conversation via Facebook are an easy and convenient way for them to do that.
Make sure you are talking to your Facebook fans, not at them by interacting in an engaging way and creating a dialogue. Ask questions and post themed discussions. An example of this could be, ‘do you prefer (item A) or (item B) and why?’

‘Posts that ask questions bring 100% more comments,’ according to Holbi

39% of users say they are connected to people they have never met in person, so there’s no reason that a brand can’t feel really personal and meaningful to your audience.

Did you know? As of June 30, 2017, Facebook enjoys 
2.01 billion monthly active users.

​Make sure you post high quality images

Always shell out for professional photography. Especially if you’re in an industry where your business relies on visual mediums to sell your product/service, such as fashion, retail products, beauty items, food and beverages, design, real estate and property and experiences. If you are your brand, product or service make sure you arrange for professional headshots and stylised captures.
Using Facebook to develop a customer fan base and to sell your product or service means you are removing certain senses that enhance the selling process, so images have the very important function of doing most of the selling for you.
‘Facebook posts with images see 2.3X more engagement than those without images,’ (Buzzsumo, 2015)

​Play up to Facebook’s algorithm 

​Facebook utilises a user based algorithm, which changes regularly. It’s vital that you not only have relevant and engaging content but that you post varied content as well so that Facebook identifies you as a valuable poster.
It helps if you mix up your content between text based status updates, external links, embedded videos (not YouTube or Vimeo, these are considered external links), images, events and questions. The aim is to keep your audience engaged with your page, so it’s not getting hidden in the noise of Facebook. But really, at the end of the day there is only ONE sure fire way to do this: consistently post excellent and engaging content. There is no other way around it!

Did you know? Thursdays and Fridays between 1pm and 3pm are suggested as the best times to post on Facebook.

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