Stop Social Media Marketing and Try This

Fatigued by social media marketing?

That’s what Emma felt at the exact moment my blogging course came along. So it was a perfect course-correct for her digital marketing. Emma then went on to create some exceptional content after going through my in-depth course which is going to provide quality marketing assets for her that can sit on her blog for years to come.

This is what Emma said about the course:

‘Vanessa’s blogging course came into my life at the perfect time. Feeling fatigued by social media, I was ready to go back to blogging to create quality, long-term content.

Vanessa’s course went into great detail to help me understand why blogging is essential for small business owners and most importantly how to create a professional blog post. The course breaks down the blog post creation process step-by step and includes handouts and checklists for each step. The most significant change I have made to my blogging style is writing a great intro paragraph to get readers hooked in their first few seconds on my website. This course is invaluable if you want to get started with blogging or take your writing to the next level.’

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Image credit: Emma Polette

Emma Polette is a personal trainer, yoga teacher and health coach and often guides clients and her community around intuitive eating and non-diets. Here’s an excellent blog post she wrote, using the building block lessons of my course around her passion subject, intuitive eating.

It’s such an interesting topic and well worth a read.

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