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VIP Sales Page Copywriting – Quick Turnaround


This is the cream of the crop when it comes to persuasive selling and marketing. This sales landing page is perfect for your sales funnel to help you sell that book, course, video series, product or service. If you want conversions, this is the asset for you.


Big, long juicy sales pages are all the rage right now. And for a very good reason.

The internet is noisy and it is crowded. If you want to blast through that and get straight to the heart of the people you actually want to sign up to your course, buy your book, join your mastermind or jump all in to being your client, then you need a sales page that really resonates with them.

It all starts with knowing exactly what you are offering and how it will improve or change your client’s life. That’s all they want to know really: how what you offer will change or help them.

But it’s not enough just to tell them.

You have to demonstrate with words. And then you have to really speak to what is meaningful to them and encourage them to use their imagination to see themselves winning the race they are too scared to enter, all with you by their side. 

That’s why you need a professional sales copywriter to artfully write a sales page that pierces the heart of the right readers and convince them—not just suggest— but really convince them to take the action required. The action that talks to your bank account!

Sales copywriting involves really knowing people and getting inside their brain. I’ve had years of practice writing for all types of people and I’m a qualified yoga and meditation teacher and have studied Positive Psychology. So I like to think I’m fairly confident when it comes to understanding people and how to write so they pay attention, feel understood and guided to make the right choice for them. It’s not about coercing them to do something they don’t want to do. It’s about reminding them that options exist that are a perfect match for their pain points. There’s a way out for them!

Okay, stop reading now.


Stop deliberating. Now’s the time to get an
outstandingly epic sales page for your website or landing page as an audience
convincer. Who knows? By this time in a month from now, you could have too many
clients to deal with!

Approximately 1500 to 2500 words.

Hey! You need to know that at time of purchase you’ll need to supply the following:

  • Payment
  • Target audience info
  • Details/dot points about the thing you’re
    selling (including benefits, what’s included and why it’s better than the competition)
  • Contact details in case I need anything
    further from you
  • That you are agreeing to my terms and conditions. It’s on you to read them before you go ahead and get your sales
    copywriting. Once you’ve committed to payment, you’re establishing that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions.

A quick note:

No refunds are provided, so please make
sure that you are ready to commit at time of payment and have provided the
correct details of the project and contact details. Any representative of Jones
the Writer Copywriting Services can be held responsible if you do not provide
correct and up to date details at time of purchase. Prices are in Australian
dollars and GST will be added at time of payment.

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