Email Marketing Copywriting – Can You Do Better?

Email marketing copywriting is a combination of knowledge, art and passion.

It’s more than just putting words together, there are certain email marketing tips that can help you improve email marketing copywriting skills.

Here are some Jones the Writer approved tips to improve email marketing copywriting skills:

Cultivate a mindset of curiosity.

Successful email marketers keep their eyes open for opportunities to learn new effective email marketing tactics from blogs, forums and websites. They do not hesitate to confront challenges such as consumer complaints or negative feedback but instead they look for ways to turn these into learning experiences. Whenever possible, they take time to study how other businesses succeed in email campaigns so they can be inspired by them and achieve similar or better results. When it comes to email marketing copywriting, curiosity helps marketers find new email marketing ideas and continuously improve email campaigns.

email marketing copywriting

Take some time to reflect at the end of each day.

Instead of rushing through email management as soon as they wake up in the morning, successful email marketers take a moment to step back from their inbox and consider the previous email campaigns. They think about what went well and what didn’t. They look for strategies that can be improved or replaced with something better in future email campaigns. Reflecting on the previous campaign also allows them to assess how well their email marketing tactics are working so they can get an idea if there is room for improvement or not. It also gives them a chance to revise email marketing strategies before sending out new ones because email campaigns that are sent out too quickly can give email marketers a negative perception among email recipients. The tip here is to write your marketing email and put it aside for a few days. Come back to it with fresh eyes before you send it out.


Experiment with email marketing strategies from successful email marketers who do email marketing differently. Successful email marketers know how to stand out from the crowd by doing things in email campaigns or in a different way to others. They use creativity and innovative ideas when it comes to email copywriting, sending whatever is possible as long as they can attract email subscribers and encourage them to read email messages through extensive reading of emails including subheadings and attention grabbing headlines of every email copywriting campaign.

Play nice

Email marketing etiquette matters if you want your company’s emails delivered into inboxes without being blocked or deleted by spam filters. What this means is never send unsolicited email messages to email subscribers, do not email email recipients who have already unsubscribed and never email email recipients whose email addresses are unknown. And use your manners!

While this might seem like common sense, even the best of minds can slip up when it comes to email marketing etiquette so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Safeguarding your brand’s image and reputation as well as ensuring email delivery into customer inboxes will come a long way in building successful email campaigns. These things matter because it is your name which you are trying to build through email campaigns.

Three tips on good email marketing copywriting

Good email marketing copywriting is not a result of luck or chance.

It’s actually the result of perseverance and sound email marketing tactics that yield good email marketing returns. The truth is email marketers can’t just write email campaigns, send them out to email subscribers and then expect positive results if they put in minimal effort into email campaigns. There are three email marketing tips for improving email marketing copywriting skills which will help you achieve well-crafted and successful email messages:

Tip one: Know your audience

What are their likes, dislikes, hobbies, interests? Find out more about them by sending surveys to collect data from your target market about topics such as what time of day they get online, where do they go for their answers to particular questions or queries, what email topics interest them most and which email marketing strategies email marketers should use to be successful in email campaigns. Other ways to collect email subscriber information are through data collection from email subscribers such as surveys, quizzes, polls and the like.

Tip two: Don’t assume

Avoid making assumptions about your audience’s preferences. Successful email marketers avoid assuming things about their target market because they know there is no sure way of gauging what email subscribers want without asking them directly. There are instances when email marketers assume that everyone will respond favourably to a given message or subject but the truth is not everyone does so by assuming too much could do more harm than good for your brand image in the long run. Once you know exactly what your subscribers want, you can write for them easier.

Tip three: Simplify

Keep email copywriting simple so email recipients can understand the email’s message. It’s a good email marketing practice to keep email copywriting as simple as possible and avoid writing long paragraphs because chances are you will not get any positive email marketing results out of long emails filled with text. In order to achieve this, there are certain email templates which you can easily apply in your email campaigns and build off from these while matching them with your company’s branding strategies for a successful email marketing campaign every time.

Overall, testing and refining is a surefire way to keep your email content fresh and performing well.

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