Marketing strategy template

Instantly download a killer marketing strategy template now.

marketing strategy template

What are your top three strategic goals for your business in the next twelve months? And what marketing activities will you undertake to achieve them?

Have no idea? I’ve created the perfect useable marketing strategy template that will help you work out all this and more.

marketing strategy template

Without a marketing strategy, you are basically just spending a heap of money and time on marketing activities with no real direction. Because humans change their mind frequently, you could be enthusiastic about your digital marketing, trying to achieve a goal without any results and then change direction without warning the next week! In fact, statistics show that people who use a marketing strategy are more likely to do better.

Marketers who usually or always plan their projects and campaigns when executing against their strategy are 356% more likely to report success, CoSchedule, State of Marketing.

With this marketing strategy template, you’re more likely to stay on course until you achieve that goal. Whether it be to make more sales, improve your branding or reach more people. ​