Best five copywriting blog posts of 2018

One of the beauties of using Google Analytics is that it lets me know which blog posts are the most read. At the end of each year , I love to do a brief calculation to see what people are actually interested in reading and what appeals the most. Here are my most popular blog posts of 2018.

History of copywriting

The most popular blog post for this year was the history and evolution of copywriting which was an interesting— and surprising— recount of where copywriting originated from. I bet you didn’t know it started in the 1600s!

Author websites

I’ve worked with a lot of authors and potential authors over my professional career, especially at SA Writers Centre, so I compiled a fundamental guide to creating an author website, which is a crucial building block in your author platform.

Features tips on what to include, ideas on how to make the most of your author website and examples of great author sites that you’ll get inspiration from.

About me page

I’m surprised this post isn’t the top of the pile, to be honest. Especially as it’s a common question I see in Facebook groups and a really great starting place for people to begin to improve their website, either as an individual or small business. 

Includes a useful template to write your About me page. 

Social media post ideas

Everyone loves a useful listicle. Here’s a multipurpose list that offers a collection of ideas of what to post on your social media channels to help with your business marketing. 

One for every day of the month!

Adelaide authors

I am particularly pleased that this post is in my five most popular blog posts this year as it showcases some of South Australia’s best talent. If you’re looking for some new reads over the summer holidays, you might like to add these books to your collection by Adelaide authors.    What about you? Was there a blog post of mine in 2018 that made a difference to your copywriting or marketing? If so, please do let me know! 

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