What is meta data?

What are meta data descriptions and meta tags?
Meta tags and meta data descriptions are the summary of what your web page contains that is implemented at the backend of your website as part of your meta tags. This is the information that search engines (such as Google) uses to index your website and web pages and displays when someone searches for your keywords. You might also notice this information when you share it via your social channels, especially Facebook. 

what is meta data

Meta tags consist of a title (page title) and meta data description (a few sentences of description). As well as a slug (specific URL). 

Although it can help with keyword searching (mainly in the title rather than description), it’s primary purpose is to encourage web searchers to click on the link. And read your website. 
They need to be cleverly crafted so that they appeal to both Google’s robots and to human readers. This helps to improve your ranking/SERP and website traffic.

what is meta data seo

Meta data descriptions are like a mini advert or sales tools. And it’s very short so it has to be super effective. Essentially, it has to contain the absolute perfect blend of sales copywriting and SEO text.

They are a vital part of your SEO strategy and plan. Perfecting meta data descriptions is a completely important part of your website’s optimisation. It really does pay to get it right from the start. Which is why it pays to know what is meta data.

what is seo meta data

A good meta data description could be the very reason someone clicks through to your website.

It is a unique blend of advertising and SEO and is one of the key factors in getting people to read your site. They really do need to be compelling and an accurate summary of the corresponding webpage. Each meta description needs to be unique and match the web page’s content. It’s basically a summary of what the web page contains.

what is meta data example
Example of what my meta data looks like

Neil Patel, who is considered one of the leading experts in SEO discusses why meta data description is so important. ​

Here are 33 examples of great meta data descriptions.

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