Online Marketing Course

What if it only took a month to turn your business into a thriving success? The Magical Marketing Month online ecourse guides you through thirty days of marketing and promotional activities especially designed for those who have their own business or want their marketing and promotional activities to thrive. Increase abundance and successs using simple tools and techniques that are in alignment with your spiritual values, beliefs and lifestyle. During the Magical Marketing Month we work with fun stuff such as numbers, meditation, ritual, spell casting, visualisation, ancient wisdom and philosophies and other hands on “juicy” activities to enhance your Divine flow and bring in success and abundance. At the end of the course you will: have a complete twelve month marketing plan heaps of knowledge on how to best promote your business tons of creative and original marketing solutions learnt how to write an advert learnt how to build your database and run giveaway competitions learn about effective social media marketing become very clear about what your business does and how it can be successful connected deeply with your inner self have started to attract great things into your life have had endless fun! This will be one of the best investments you make in yourself or business! This is a fun, online course that takes thirty days to complete. You will be sent at least one activity a day for thirty days, plus offered support, help and advice along the way. The activities are fun, original and will help you develop a deeper relationship with yourself and what you want from your business.  
‘I’m only two weeks in and already my business income has increased by nearly seven hundred percent! I haven’t even started actioning anything yet, this has simply been from the focus and energy and ritual that I’ve done so far with MMM!’ Tanya W, 2015