Email marketing campaign plan

Here is a brief example of an email marketing campaign that I would suggest to a client. Although it’s not a full email marketing strategy, it’s a good outline that would show the assets that need to be written and scheduled. Let’s pretend this client is in the health/fitness industry and offers a service. This is not a one size fits all approach, as each business has varying products and services and target demographic.

New users

  1. Welcome email: at time of sign up
  2. It’s been a week email: one week after welcome email
  3. How are you finding the product/service:  three – six weeks after first purchase

Lead capture (divert to segment or group depending on what their goals are)

  1. Thanks for signing up
  2. Useful information about being healthy
  3. Useful information about fitness
  4. Here’s how you can improve your current situation (push appropriate service)
  5. Follow up service push

Onboarding series

  1. One email about our product/service
  2. One email about company/your story
  3. One email about delivery processes/shipping
  4. One email about company ambassadors
  5. Video series email (using your product, introducing you as a company, useful hints and tips) – drip feed, one to two weeks apart

Stale users

  1. We haven’t seen you in a while, how can we get you back

All users

  1. In depth survey, giveaway enticement

Monthly engagement emails

  1. Giveaways/promos/deals (should be separate from reminder emails)
  2. New product announcement
  3. Enewsletter (can also be fortnightly if your audience is highly engaged and you have a lot of owned content to share)

Transactional/kickback emails

  1. Order placed/money received
  2. Order delivered this morning
  3. It’s time to order again
  4. Abandoned cart reminder
  5. Form kickback