Creative writing projects

In addition to being a copywriter, I am a prolific creative writer, blogger and self published author. I’m also an aspiring screenwriter with a number of spec scripts in development.

Projects completed

Glass Music

What if you were so infatuated with a person that your perception on reality altered? Glass Music is a domestic noir tale of obsession that raises questions about love and loyalty and is an intoxicating cocktail of Stockholm Syndrome, delusion and possessiveness.

Charlotte is a young violinist who is locked in a room by musician Wolfe Black, who also happens to be married. Over a period of unaccountable days, Black’s transgressions against Charlotte escalate from petty torments, such as a refusal to speak, to physical violence, including strangling her, and sexual assault. Initially, the abuse only serves to deepen her infatuation and Charlotte has her own agenda: she plays along hoping her submission will make him leave his wife for her.

But after she miscarries their child and Black attempts to kill her in rage, she knows she must get out before it’s too late, choosing survival over love.

Charlotte escapes and is discovered by police, knee deep and screaming in the ocean, clothed in a vintage wedding dress and they send her to a hotel to recuperate. But it’s soon apparent that the hotel is actually a mental health facility and it is revealed that Wolfe had died long before she was even locked in the room.

In the same thread as Gone Girl, Girl on a Train, Room and The Collector, this story connects the reader through the vulnerability of neuroses and the ever pervading need to be loved, using rich symbolism of Philip Glass music and magical realism.


Uneasy is a collection of dark short stories with an undercurrent of suburban ennui and the uneasiness that comes from ordinary life. It includes my signature darkness and poetic style, whilst tackling centuries old themes that are still relevant today, such as unrequited love, deep domestic unhappiness and the desperate and misguided strive for normality. Purchase here.

The Tens

The Tens is a psychological thriller novel that explores the theme of mysticism versus madness through the eyes of 30-year-old Sophie. 

Sophie has the perfect life. Until her husband, Alex, leaves and she starts to rapidly unravel. Whilst grappling with the decay of her sanity, she also has seemingly acquired mystical abilities which confuse her further. Concerned, she seeks the professional solace of a therapist. It’s only when she suspects, Carla, her trusted therapist of having an affair with Alex that she decides to follow her home one night. And the therapist leads her straight into a Venus-worshipping cult, called The Tens, who are dedicated to alchemical practices and exploitation of copper… mainly for harm. 

The cult promises to have the answers to Sophie’s burgeoning mystical powers, while keeping her hostage. Sophie realises too late that her therapist is the secret leader of the cult; the same cult she discovers she was born into. Amongst her discoveries, most upsettingly, is that Alex has always been in cahoots with The Tens. 

Once Sophie finally breaks free from the cult (for the second time in her life), she discovers that she can cultivate her own abilities, without the cult’s assistance, because she is devoted to worshipping only herself. The power was always within her.

With echoes of The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly, The Witch of Portobello and The Sinner, The Tens has enormous commercial potential and would ultimately also translate well to the screen. 

Thirty Days to Conscious Success

The Thirty Days to Conscious Success book is a marketing for small business step by step workbook. It was written specifically for those of you who are serious about success in your business. Purchase here.

Promote Your Spiritual Business

Promote Your Spiritual Business is one of the best marketing books to help businesses, people and services who work in creative, wellness and heart centred industries. The helpful book has a focus on social media marketing but expands into other ways and areas to make the most of low cost options when promoting and advertising your business or service.


 Take a look at my television blog at She Watched and my witch blog over at Ruby the Witch.

Projects in development (near completion)

New Agers

New Agers is a sitcom that centres around Plum, an absolute disaster of a life coach who is supported by her friends who all have connections to the fraudulent new age industry.


Lefty & Knuckles

Lefty & Knuckles is a short animated series created by local Adelaide illustrator, Dan Orr. I am consulting script editor and writer on the initial stages of this project.

I am available for any type of creative writing project or collaboration, especially screenwriting. Please get in contact via to discuss. Read more about my writing credits here. Writing credits