Copywriting that sells

Businesses, like Apple, have mastered the art of seducing a significant number of buyers and creating a massive buzz around each product launch. They have a strong product, stunning images and an incredible website. But their sales copywriting plays an important role, too.

They use copywriters who know precisely how to sell using words. They know the copywriting tricks, formulas and techniques that convert potential buyers and sells products. They know what words to use to justify the purchase of an iPhone 11, even when you own a fully functional iPhone XS.

So, how do they do it? How do they write persuasive sales copy that engages and fascinates doubters, turning them into buyers, often without their realising?

Here’s how:

1. Have one big idea and state it clearly

copywriting that sells

The first thing most visitors look at on your website is your headline. Most headlines are comprised of one or two sentences that are crafted to immediately capture attention and spark interest.

The key to writing a strong headline is focusing on one big idea. Usually the most valuable benefit of the thing you’re trying to sell and showing it off constructively. Great headlines are attention grabbing, without being too salesy or overstuffed with keywords.

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Tip 1

Start by clearly defining your primary value proposition and presenting it in an exciting way.

Tip 2

You can include some interesting data or statistics to help make your headline instantly memorable. For instance: ‘25% of NSW teachers use our education supplies.’

2. Present your idea in short sentences

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A large number of your website visitors are people looking for quick answers to immediate problems. Although lengthy prose like content can help explain exactly how what you’re selling can help them, few will take the time to read it.

Excellent sales copy has to be easy to read and understand, so visitors don’t have to make an effort to read your content. Short sentencesare easier to assimilate and they help give your copy some rhythm. For instance, ‘All-new Lightning connector. Smaller. Smarter. Durable. Reversible.’

The above Apple ad includes one word sentences that pass the idea across effectively.

Tip 1: Aim for an average sentence length of 11 to 15 words for maximum impact.

Tip 2: Don’t worry about starting sentences with conjectures like and, or, and butas they help draw attention to individual sentences.

3. Understand the type of awareness you’re aiming for

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Depending on your market position, your customers may be at different levels of awareness about their problems and the solution you’re proposing. Therefore, the type of content and messaging you put out should depend on the stage of awareness your customers are at.

  1. If your customers are entirely unaware of their problems: your copy should be crafted to bring their issues into focus.
  2. If your customers are aware of their problem: your copy should provide helpful information about their problems and available standard solutions, including yours.
  3. If your customers are aware of the solution: your copy should promote the high level benefits of your product that’ll make them want to choose it over others.
  4. If your customers are aware of your brand/product: your copy should highlight its value proposition as well as the rest of the benefits you have to offer.

Think of the copywriting process as a journey from little or no visibility to the point where your product becomes indispensable to your target market.

4. Use stories


Nothing converts like a truly engaging story. This is why companies like Apple and Facebook have invested so much in creating Hollywood versions of their humble beginnings. Stories are also a powerful copywriting tool to help readers picture or feel something that makes them want to buy from you.

Tip: A great story describes the origin of your product and the challenges you’ve had to overcome along the way. Read more about how to write a brand story.

5. Employ the services of a professional copywriter

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There is a reason why we get a plumber in whenever our toilet backs up. For excellent copywriting that sells, you can turn to a professional Australian copywriter who knows the right words to describes a problem, presents your solution and close the sale. Or you might like to go at it yourself with my website copywriting book.