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Benefits of writing a business book

Business books are becoming increasingly popular in the modern business world. Business books offer a variety of benefits to readers, authors and companies by giving advice on current issues facing businesses today. And exactly how to tackle them.

From the incredibly niche to all-encompassing, there is a topic for almost every current or future business person.

I’ve written several business books that have offered specific information for small business owners and marketers. It was natural for me to do so since I was already a writer, but I didn’t expect the numerous benefits of authoring these business books.

Here are just some of the many reasons why you should consider writing a business book for your own or your company’s business benefit:

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1 Gain new business opportunities

business books

One great way to promote your company is through the successful marketing of a business book. Business books can be marketed through both traditional and non-traditional means. Selling at least 5000 copies in a week will land most titles on any given bestseller list, which can increase public awareness and draw new customers, all whilst giving you credibility. Now, this is a challenging feat, but even if you sell one copy a week, that is one new lead that you get paid for (rather than paying advertising dollars to attract). The average self-published book sells less than 1000 copies but don’t be disheartened because even that is 1000 warmed-up lifetime leads.

Business owners who have published books tend to find that their new customer base is much larger than it was previously. Book sales result in many referrals, clients and new business opportunities which would not have arrived otherwise.

My business books, Promote Your Spiritual Business in particular, have helped draw in new customers in a different niche that I ordinarily wouldn’t reach through my existing marketing channels, which are predominantly targeted at traditional corporate brands.

2 Become an industry expert

Business books can also help you become regarded as an industry expert, enhancing your credibility and reputation all the more.

Business owners who publish books gain expert status because they are viewed as people with valuable knowledge, opinions and insight on important issues within the business world. They are able to gain even more visibility by becoming known internationally or nationally through media appearances, public speaking engagements and other activities related to book promotion.

Authors gain instant recognition for sharing their thoughts on current business issues. And people will seek you out once they know your topic of expertise and that you can put together a cohesive argument or collection of information in the form of a book.

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3 Gain business exposure

Business books also provide businesses— whether large or small— with increased exposure, which can help companies gain new clients and customers within their target market through media features in relation to the content of the books. Businesses may create specialised editions of business books for this reason if they are looking for additional exposure among key audiences who could benefit greatly from specific topics covered in each book.

Business owners should consider writing or publishing a business book if they want to generate publicity and obtain greater exposure than ever before.

4 Increase personal satisfaction

The process of writing a business book will give you a heap of satisfaction. This is one of the main benefits for me, whether I’m writing a non fiction or fiction book. There is nothing that compares to that indescribable feeling of accomplishment once you’ve put down your 50 to 70 000 words in some sort of cohesive argument.

Business owners who write books can feel even greater satisfaction and fulfilment through providing key business information to readers, which can potentially help them achieve success in their own life. When working on big client projects or doing something that initially seems overwhelming, I will often remind myself that I’ve written whole books (10 and counting), so if I can commit to that, I can do almost anything!

Plus, the feeling of helping other entrepreneurs or corporates will have you revaluing your worth and sense of community.

5 It doesn’t end with the book

business books writing

You might think that once you’ve published the book and it’s starting to get into the hands of others that it has played its part. But books live on for quite a while!

You’ll be able to use any of the book text as repurposed content for your marketing activities— once you realise how much content you’ve actually got at your fingertips, you’ll be thrilled and reinvigorated to keep knowledge-sharing with your community.

There’s also the very enticing option of turning your book into different formats, specifically an audiobook. ‘In 2018, non-fiction audiobook sales in the US represented 32.7% of unit sales.’

6 Better for SEO

Did you really think I was going to write a blog post without mentioning improving SEO? As if! Listing your book on your website and optimising for keywords (eg marketing book or copywriting book etc) can help increase traffic to your website and thus help improve your ranking.