Branding trends to watch in 2021

Branding trends are always changing. You might not notice a big difference from one year to the next, but if you were to look at branding material from 10 years ago, you would notice that it is dated. You might even wonder how the old branding was ever effective. Whether you are working with a digital strategy agency to update online assets or creating new print materials, being aware of the latest trends is important. Sticking with older branding concepts can leave a bad impression, and you want to meet or exceed the expectations of consumers.

Before you go looking for brand strategy services, make sure to consider the following trends for 2021.

Geometric Patterns

One interesting trend is the addition of geometric patterns to brand materials. The patterns wouldn’t replace your logo, but they could be added as a background to different materials. When it is done right, it creates an eye-catching effect that is almost mesmerising. This trend could be used in the background of a webpage, an advertisement, or branded swag.

Offbeat Art

It wasn’t that long ago that the trend was for branding to follow very narrow rules. This led to a lot of brand materials from different companies looking very similar. There is currently a shift away from this with many brands going out of their way to create unique imagery. With offbeat art, brands are achieving the goal of building a unique identity while also creating memorable content that stands out in the minds of consumers.

A Face for the Brand

Consumers want brands they can relate to. There is no better way to do this than to put human images in brand materials. In fact, giving the brand a face of its own can be one of the most effective strategies. One study found that having faces on packaging was an effective method for increasing sales and getting consumers to connect with the brand. It doesn’t even have to be a picture of a human; using artwork that depicts a human face can be just as effective.

Unusual Colours

The rules around using colours in branding are also starting to change. For the longest time, the idea was to use a simple palette of familiar colours. However, some brands are starting to experiment with colours outside the conventional palette for most branding. This is another example of doing something different in an attempt to have your brand stand out.

Imperfect Imagery

For many brands, perfection in the logo or imagery is not the right course. Maybe you are going for a quirky brand image or your primary customers like things a little outside the lines. For these brands, imagery that is intentionally imperfect might be the right answer. Maybe it is letters that look like they were written quickly by hand or artwork that looks like it was drawn by a person with limited artistic ability. It could also be lines that are not perfectly straight, asymmetry, or elements that should connect but don’t. You would need to work with professionals in brand strategy services, but the intention is to go for something that has a rougher, less refined look to it.

Brand Values

There was a time when people did not expect their favourite brands to take a stand on the issues. For modern consumers, this has changed. According to a survey from Channel Factory, 69% of consumers prefer to shop with brands that align with their values. This number also tends to increase as you look at younger demographics. If you can find a way to align your brand with a cause that is important to your customers, it can be a way to increase loyalty and build a stronger relationship with your customers. These are just a few of the trends that are hot for 2021, but what is modern today might seem stale tomorrow. Without the help of branding experts or digital strategy services, most businesses tend to skew toward outdated branding. You may need to consult with professionals to keep things up to date.

This has been a guest post.