Blogging Membership Program

Have you started a blog or want to start one? 

Then you need to be part of the Blogging Membership Program. Especially if you want more readers, a better blog and to overcome all those common blogger challenges.

The Blogging Membership Program is a powerful knowledge suite that equips you with the skills to create and maintain an effective blog. Whether you want to make money off your blog or use it as one of your most influential marketing tools, the Blogging Membership Program is ideal for you.

It covers practical aspects of blogging, the “how-tos”, SEO tips and insights, planning, promoting, writing techniques, getting more readers and so much more. 

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Membership features:

  • directory 
  • SEO help and boost
  • bite sized emails filled with tips
  • exclusive member only content 
  • templates
  • special dedicated Facebook group for discussion, advice and help
  • super helpful resources
  • videos/audio
  • strategies
  • coaching and guidance

Who is the blogging program for?

It doesn’t matter if you have started a blog and neglected it or have been blogging consistently for five years, or even if you have yet to start one, the blogging membership will be your handholding guidance system. 

Whether you blog for your workplace or run a mummy blog, recipe blog, movie review blog or just any blog! If you want to improve it every month, then this program is specifically designed for you. 

blogging membership

Why you need the Blogging Membership Program:

  • get new knowledge regularly
  • learn marketing insights
  • a network of likeminded bloggers
  • SEO tips and strategies
  • constant motivation and inspiration
  • and more.

Run by Vanessa Jones, who has been a prolific blogger for more than ten years. Vanessa is a professional copywriter and digital marketer who writes for a variety of national clients. She also runs a number of entertaining and effective blogs.

Take yourself seriously as a blogger!

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