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what is copywriting

What are content articles?

A content article is a well written editorial type article that generally sits between 700 and 1200 words and is often in written in the third person.
As it is often commissioned by a commercial client, it does inherently contain bias and is used as a soft sales tool but is written in a way that still retains credibility, resources and is often viewed by readers a piece of editorial.

There are two very important aims for content articles:
  • enhance SEO
  • encourage your readers to take an action.

A good content article will contain quality pull quotes, statistics, links, sources and genuine information and is relevant and employees a number of best practice SEO techniques. It also uses impeccable grammar and spelling and follows an editorial style. I also take the liberty of highlighting a few HTML/formatting tags including headings, sub headings, pull quotes, call to actions and so forth.
Content articles will be written to a specific content plan/strategy that has been created by your marketing department/consultant that adheres to the customer buyer journey or your SEO research and keyword/search term list.
Content writers ‘…produce content to entice and engage visitors so they continue browsing the current website. The longer a visitor stays on a particular site, the greater the likelihood they will eventually become clients or customers,’ Wikipedia.
It’s unwise to engage a content writer that has no SEO training and doesn’t keep abreast of SEO updates and changes. 

What is a media release?

what is a media release
A media release, also known as a press release, is a one to two page document that is written specifically for people who work in the media and is genuinely newsworthy. It incorporates a journalistic style and is often written by publicists or copywriters, with the aim of getting media coverage.
The idea behind a media release is to have it written as closely to the journalist’s or media personnel’s way of writing as possible. People who work in the media are always on a deadline and busier than you can imagine, so the easier you make their job, the more chance that you will be featured.
The ultimate media release is one that a very busy journalist can cut and paste.
Media releases are great for:
  • new product or service release
  • an event, show, play or
  • announcements, especially business announcements
  • change of circumstance.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing campaign packages could include kickbacks, autoresponders, automated campaign emails and prompters.
Automated emails are set up via specialised platform (such as Mailchimp, Aweber, Campaign Monitor etc) that are sequential and have their own trigger. 

Check out my email marketing campaign template here

What are meta data descriptions

Meta data descriptions are the small amount of text and title that is placed at the backend of your website that is displayed in Google’s search results. Getting the meta data description right, is vital for high performing SEO. 

It is a unique blend of advertising and SEO and is one of the key factors in getting people to visit your site (your click through rate) and they need to be compelling and an accurate summary of the corresponding webpage.

In 2016, Google announced that the amout of text (approximately 300 characters, although it actually goes by pixel width) that they truncate has increased. 

Here is SEO guru, Neil Patel, telling us why meta data description is so important. 

Editorial or news article

An editorial or news piece is suitable for an online or print publication. 
It involves less formatting than a content article and is written more like you would see in a newspaper or a magazine. For example, one heading and many storytelling paragraphs.
It contains unbiased and more dense content, is often written more formally and uses correct word choice, rather than being SEO and focussing on putting the designated keywords throughout the copy. 

Sales letter

A sales letter is a more traditional form of direct mail communications that may be still used today. A sales letter is a one page, formal letter introducing a product or service to an existing database and is even still sent via post!
It has high selling power and is written specifically to persuade the receiver to purchase, so it is a really high value piece of comms and is still quite effective in creating return on investment.

High sales landing page or squeeze page

A high sales landing page is a standalone web page, most often seperate from your website and uses specific landing page software that help monitor and track your sales conversion funnel. 
The purpose of this sales landing page is very focussed and specific on converting the reader to a sale or signup, right then and right there. It’s very “salesy” and can be dramatic to get the most effective results. A lot of work and skill goes into crafting these pages, so your copywriting might charge a little extra, but they are of incredible value to you because they are a huge player when it comes to selling well and a lot.

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