What are content articles?

A content article is a well written editorial type article that generally sits between 700 and 1200 words (or more) and is often in written in the third person.

As it is often commissioned by a commercial client, it does inherently contain bias and is used as a soft sales tool. But is written in a way that still retains credibility, resources and is often viewed by readers a piece of editorial.

what are content articles

There are two very important aims for content articles:

  • enhance SEO
  • encourage your readers to take an action.

What does a content article contain?

A good content article will contain:

  • quality pull quotes
  • statistics
  • internal and external links
  • sources and genuine information
  • and a number of best practice SEO techniques.
what are content articles idea

It also uses impeccable grammar and spelling and follows an editorial style. As a professional copywriter, I also take the liberty of highlighting a few HTML/formatting tags including headings, sub headings, pull quotes, call to actions and so forth.
Content articles will often be written to a specific content plan/strategy that has been created by your marketing department/consultant that adheres to the customer buyer journey or your SEO research and keyword/search term list.

Content writers ‘…produce content to entice and engage visitors so they continue browsing the current website. The longer a visitor stays on a particular site, the greater the likelihood they will eventually become clients or customers,’ Wikipedia.

It’s unwise to engage a content writer that has no SEO training and doesn’t keep abreast of SEO updates and changes.