Ten easy actions you can do to drastically improve your marketing

This year has been a terrific whirlwind for Jones the Writer. More than sixty per cent of small business cease operating in their first three years, so the mere fact that I have replaced my income (from employment) has exceeded my expectations.

Other goals that I have met, include blogging quality content regularly, with the aim to knowledge share as much as possible. To make your life easier I have curated my top ten most viewed blog posts, according to my Google Analytics. Some of these were posted years ago but have had a resurgence in 2017.
My content articles are specifically written with practical advice in mind and the aim is that you should get at least one genuine takeaway (minimum) that you can implement straight away and improve your marketing. So, if you read all ten below, that’s AT LEAST TEN practical things you can do to uplevel your marketing immediately. 

1. Social media day

Adelaide’s infamous Social Media Day had a host of information to impart. From legal ramifications of social media to tracking who visits your website, this recap has it all. Read here. 

2. Easy SEO actions you can do over a weekend

seo writing adelaide
Quick and easy (like super easy) tips to improve your SEO in a day or two. Start now.

3. How is your business writing?

Writing well to promote your business is crucial to its success. In a digital era of fast paced communications, you need to get your message “bang on” immediately or clients will drift elsewhere. Fix here

4. Case study template

I’m not surprised that this free downloadable was a popular one! If you haven’t already done so, download your template here

5. Social media mistakes you need to stop

To be upfront, half of the reason this post performed well was due to the Facebook advertising I did in October as part of a campaign for my website. It’s still one of my favourite posts, however. Stop these mistakes now

6. Facebook’s algorithm and how it works

If you’re unclear how Facebook algorithm works, have a brief read here

7. What you don’t know about freelancers

I bet you didn’t know that freelancers actually care about our clients and really want them to succeed and we’ll probably go above and beyond to help make that happen. This was a surprise wildcard post and gives you an insight into how freelancers really think. 

8. Facebook marketing mistakes

Easy to make (and yet easier to avoid) Facebook marketing mistakes. Find out what they are here. 

9. Your marketing demographics

This is definitely one of the most useful content posts I have written. Identifying your target demographic audience is really important and the initial investment can end up saving time and costs. Identify your own demographics here

10. Content marketing planning 

Creating content with purpose can be challenging but incredibly rewarding, both emotionally and financially. Read more about content marketing here. 
Even if you implement one new practical tip per day, you could have your marketing flourishing and well on track by Christmas time. I’m always interested to see how businesses are thriving, so be sure to let me know via commenting below or on how these posts have helped you. 
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